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Poppy Brothers' Land

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Icon for Poppy Brothers' Land

Poppy Brothers' Land[sic][1] is the right-most of the three primary Pinball Lands playable in Kirby's Pinball Land; the other two being Wispy-Woods Land and Kracko Land. As suggested by the name, this land features Junior Poppy Brothers and Poppy Brothers, the latter of whom act as the boss who must be defeated to clear this set of boards.


Poppy Brothers' Land consists of three primary boards stacked on top of each-other, in addition to a mini-game board and a boss board accessible via Warp Stars. When first entering, Kirby first lands in the middle board. If he falls through the gutter of the lower-most board, he will need to use the Springboard to attempt to return to the field of play.

Like with other lands, each main section contains a pair of flippers with two sets of lanes and a gutter. Passing through an inlane will cause an Energy Drink to appear on the outlane on the other side, which can stop Kirby from slipping through that outlane a single time.

Lower board[edit]

The lower-most board of Poppy Brothers' Land features Mr. Frosty and Chilly.

The lowermost board is a relatively simple rectangular board with Mr. Frosty occupying the center, Chilly moving back and forth above him, and two Gordows occupying the upper corners. In addition, there are three impressions of Kirby near the bottom (referred to as the "Kirby Triplets") which can be interacted with. The following actions can be performed here:

  • Hitting Chilly eight times will defeat him and cause a Warp Star to appear. Touching the star will take Kirby back to the warp room where he can choose to go to a different Pinball Land.
  • Hitting Mr. Frosty six times will cause him to poise himself to grab Kirby next time he approaches. Once grabbed, Mr. Frosty can be made to release him in one of four cardinal directions, with the upper direction potentially leading to the next board.
    • Each time Mr. Frosty is hit, his overalls slip a little, forcing him to readjust them. During this animation, he cannot be hit again.
  • Rolling over all three Kirby Triplets to make them all awake causes a Maxim Tomato to appear in the gutter, preventing Kirby from slipping through there while it is active. If they are all fully asleep, the drain stoppers will be removed.


  • Chilly - 360 points per hit, +M when defeated
  • Gordow - 240 points per hit
  • Mr. Frosty - 480 points per hit
  • Bumper - 50 points per hit
  • Passing through inlane - 10 points
  • Passing through outlane - 200 points
  • Energy Drink - 100 points

Middle board[edit]

The middle board of Poppy Brothers' Land features two Kirbys and a doggie dish.

The middle board is a similar shape to the lower board, though it features a different set of obstacles. In each corner is a large Kirby-shaped bumper, with a dish in the middle with the letter 'K' emblazoned on it. The Kirby on the left (called 'Stuffed Kirby' in the manual) has a thought cloud hovering over him, which contains an item that cycles between several different things. Those items include a Maxim Tomato, a Gordow, a Squishy, a Sparky, an Apple, and a Warp Star. Hitting Stuffed Kirby causes him to spit out the item that was in the thought cloud at the time, which stops inside the food dish. Hitting the Kirby on the right (called 'Hungry Kirby') will cause him to inhale the item from the dish if there is one. If a Squishy appears in the dish and Kirby bumps into it, the Squishy will catch him and toss him up to the uppermost board.

In addition, two Junior Poppy Brothers occupy the lower-middle area of the board. They appear out of holes and after a while, will leave bombs behind. These bombs act as bumpers when hit.


  • Apple - 1600 points
  • Bomb - 360 points
  • Gordow - 240 points per hit
  • Stuffed Kirby and Hungry Kirby - 600 points per hit
  • Junior Poppy Brother - 250 points
  • Sparky - +B
  • Bumper - 100 points per hit
  • Passing through inlane - 20 points
  • Passing through outlane - 400 points
  • Energy Drink - 200 points

Upper board[edit]

The upper-most board of Poppy Brothers' Land features Chicks trying to hatch from their eggs, with Junior Poppy Brothers trying to prevent this.

The uppermost board has a unique structure to it, with a large squared-off area up top with three doorways. Out of each of these doorways, a Junior Poppy Brother slowly walks downward toward an egg. These eggs are Chicks trying to hatch, and if the Junior Poppy Brother reaches the egg, he kicks it, causing it to reset. The objective on this board is to hit each egg four times to allow the Chick inside to fully hatch, and prevent the Junior Poppy Brothers from resetting them by bumping into them. Once a Chick hatches and walks up the doorway, it is safe, and no further action needs to be taken on that particular doorway. Once all three are hatched and through the doors, they emerge followed by items. One is followed by an Apple, another is followed by a bomb, and the third is followed by a Warp Star. Kirby needs to hit this Warp Star to reach the boss board before the Chicks return through the doorways, or else the whole situation will reset.

In the lower portion of the board, a Cluck hops back and forth. Hitting this enemy three times causes it to transform into a Maxim Tomato, which can be hit again to place in the gutter for a little while.


  • Apple - 1600 points
  • Bomb - +B
  • Chick - each subsequent hit is worth more points (100, 200, 400, 800)
  • Junior Poppy Brother - 500 points
  • Cluck - 1000 points per hit (cannot be hit while jumping)
  • Bumper - 150 points per hit
  • Passing through inlane - 40 points
  • Passing through outlane - 800 points
  • Energy Drink - 400 points

Mini-game board[edit]

The mini-game is a timed soccer match against Squishy.

The mini-game board is accessed via the Warp Star on the middle board. In this game, the player is given two Kirby balls and 60 seconds to score goals on a soccer field with a Squishy acting as the goalie. How many points the player earns depends on how many goals are scored, with the rewards for each successful goal as follows:

  • 1000, +B, 2000, +M, 4000, +B, 8000, +M, 16000, +B, 32000, +M, 64000, +B, 99900, 1-Up

Any further goals beyond that result in additional 1-Ups.

Unlike in other boards, if Kirby falls through the gutter, he will be spat back into the board after two seconds. Once the time limit is reached, the player will lose control of the flippers, and Kirby is taken to the uppermost board.

Boss board[edit]

Kirby does battle with the twin Senior Poppy Brothers.

The boss arena consists of two small elevated platforms and a series of slopes which lead down to the flippers. Unlike on other boards, it is possible for Kirby to slip from one side to the other. Here, he must contend with Poppy Brother, who hops between the small platforms and will try to toss bombs at the flippers to temporarily disable them.

After being hit three times, Poppy Brother duplicates, creating another copy of himself. Both of them must then individually be hit three more times to defeat them. Once down, Kirby can collect the Star Rod piece and return to the warp room.



  • There is an Easter egg in the upper board of Poppy Brothers' Land where Axe Knight appears if Kirby frees all the Chicks without letting any Junior Poppy Brothers touch them. This can only happen when re-playing the board after defeating King Dedede at least once. Axe Knight's appearance is accompanied by Kirby's Mike shout, and the player is awarded with 77700 points when this happens. Axe Knight himself cannot be interacted with in any way.


  1. Name taken from Kirby's Pinball Land Instruction Booklet (American release), Page 13