Miracle Matter

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Miracle Matter's standard form, seen in The Crystal Shards.
Other Game(s) Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards
Weakness(es) Copy ability-specific projectiles provided during the battle
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Miracle Matter is the composition-shifting final boss of the Ripple Star realm, in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. Miracle Matter takes the basic form of a white polygonal figure (similar to a die), awash with small red damage indicators on its body; these red spheres will turn black over the battle's duration, and act as accurate health markers: the more black spots on Miracle Matter's body, the closer the foe is to defeat. Miracle Matter is the only boss in The Crystal Shards to inhibit all of Kirby' copy abilities in some shape or form, incorporating them throughout the battle in an effort to best Kirby once and for all. Because Miracle Matter switches forms rapidly, the element remnant it leaves as a byproduct of its attacks will only be effective as a projectile for as long as Miracle Matter is in the corresponding copy ability form; otherwise, using an element remnant that is unrelated to Miracle Matter's copy ability will cause such projectile to be reflected. Miracle Matter cannot be harmed whatsoever while it is inhibiting its standard, polygonal form.

Forms and Strategy

The sections below discuss the various forms Miracle Matter can take on during the battle. They are in alphabetical order, and in no shape or form are listed in the order they appear, as Miracle Matter can repeat various forms multiple times during a battle, and sometimes Miracle Matter does not even incorporate some forms into its strategy.

Unlike other bosses in The Crystal Shards, this boss is most easily beaten without a pre-determined copy ability, since such power would only be beneficial against at least one of Miracle Matter's seven forms. Using the projectiles provided by Miracle Matter is Kirby's best bet as they are effective against the particular form that produces them, every time.

Bomb Form

The Bomb form.

Miracle Matter morphs from its standard form to that of a purple bubble-like appearance, from which it procures four similar purple bubbles that bounce about the stage, in an attempt to hit Kirby. These four identical bubbles will hereby split into two: a circular core and an empty bubble that continue to ricochet off the invisible walls of the arena. Eventually, the bubbles with distinct cores will stop in their place (the others will disappear), and Kirby will be able to use them as projectiles to injure Miracle Matter. After a short time window, the foe will retract back into its standard form. This form interestingly takes just two hits to defeat.

Burn Form

The Burn form.

The foe will transform into a glowing fireball from its standard shape, and glide about the stage on the horizontal plane in various stocky movements. Miracle Matter will henceforth conjure columns of flame that are shaped to mirror the Cartesian plane (i.e. they will be created only in the horizontal, vertical, or both directions, but never in diagonals, etc.) Once Miracle Matter retracts the columns of flame, a fire element remnant will be left behind; Kirby can use this to strike Miracle Matter in this form.

Cutter Form

The "Fishbone" form.

This form is reminiscient of the common enemy, Fishbone, which has a body format similar to this form: a main head, and two smaller abdomen sections at the rear. The final abdomen section is the "projectile" of this form, the piece Kirby can suck up and propel back at Miracle Matter to cause damage. Miracle Matter, in this form, will move around the arena reminiscent of racecar events: in a circular pattern, with the final pass at Kirby's eye level.

Ice Form

The Ice form.

Miracle Matter will, from its standard form, morph into a large ice block, with smaller ice shards in orbit. Like the Bomb form, this shape will float around the stage, retracting and expanding its orbital ice shards. In this fairly simple form, Kirby can suck in the orbital ice shards and propel them straight at the main ice block at the center to injure Miracle Matter. After a few hits or a small time window, Miracle Matter will reform into its regular polygonal shape.

Needle Form

The Needle form.

Transforming into an orange sun-like appearance denotes the beginning of Miracle Matter's Needle form. Corresponding to the cardinal directions, Miracle Matter will jet thin, narrow spikes out from its main core that strike the edge of the area and stay there for some time before retracting, leaving a small, arrowhead-like element remnants in their places. This remnant is the key to injuring Miracle Matter, in a similar fashion as its previous forms.

Spark Form

The Spark form.

Miracle Matter will literally morph its appearance to that of a small Sun, shooting thick light beams in Kirby's direction. Such beams will zoom off-screen, then appear again as if the screen is unending, but from the corresponding, yet opposite side of the stage. Over a time, the light beams themselves will transform into three smaller Suns that can be used against Miracle Matter.

Stone Form

The Stone form.

Miracle Matter will transfigure itself into a large, floating brown rock at a certain point in the battle, and procures smaller rocks at its sides of which are used in an attempt to pummel Kirby into the arena floor. After all of the smaller boulders have hit the floor and broken into available projectiles, Miracle Matter will begin to roll about the arena floor, in a last ditch effort to hit Kirby. After this display, it will rise back to the center and form back into its standard shape.