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Miracle Matter

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Miracle Matter
K64 Ripple Star Stage 4 screenshot 01.png
Miracle Matter's standard form, seen in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards.
First game Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards (2000)
Copy Abilities Bomb, Burn, Cutter, Ice, Needle, Spark, Stone
Weakness(es) Copy Ability-specific projectiles it provides during the battle;
Respective Copy Ability/Ability Star to its particular current form
Relative(s) Dark Matter (cloud),
Theme music

Clip of the music used during Miracle Matter's fight.

Enemy Info Card K64 Enemy Info Card 8.png
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K64 Miracle Matter Sprite.png Miracle Matter is the composition-shifting boss of the Ripple Star realm in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. If Kirby hasn't collected all the prior Crystal Shards, it would be the final boss that leads to the bad ending. Collecting all the prior shards and defeating Miracle Matter will unlock Dark Star and the true final boss.

Physical appearance[edit]

Miracle Matter takes the basic form of a white icosahedron figure (similar to a 20-sided die), awash with small red damage indicators on its body. These red circles will turn black over the battle's duration, and act as accurate health markers: the more black spots on Miracle Matter's body, the closer it is to defeat.

Miracle Matter also takes other forms throughout the fight as it attacks Kirby. It can temporarily become any one of the following when it attacks:

  • An ice cube (Ice form)
  • A red, yellow, and black circle (Burn form)
  • A large black bubble/sphere (Bomb form)
  • A large, octagonal rock (Stone form)
  • A look similar to that of Fishbone from the same game (Cutter form)
  • A Sun-like shape with points in eight directions (Needle form)
  • A sparking ball of energy (Spark form)

Forms and battle[edit]

Miracle Matter's fight makes heavy use of a gimmick unique to this fight: it is capable of rapidly shifting forms to attack Kirby in various ways, all of which mirror one of his seven Copy Abilities. Kirby can only hurt Miracle Matter by using an aspect of its form against it - for example, only Spark, or a Power Combo involving it such as Spark-Needle, can hurt Miracle Matter in Spark Form (details below.)

When a specific form's health has been depleted three times (two for the Bomb form) during the battle, Miracle Matter will stop using the attack in question. This will eventually lead Miracle Matter to use the same attack repeatedly near the end of the fight, also forcing Kirby to abandon his Copy Ability at some point in order to continue dealing damage.

The sections below discuss the various forms Miracle Matter can take on during the battle. These are listed in alphabetical order, not the order they appear; the order is completely random, and it can repeat forms throughout the battle.

Bomb form[edit]

The Bomb form splits into bouncing purple bubbles.

Miracle Matter morphs from its standard form to that of a purple bubble-like appearance, from which it procures four similar purple bubbles that bounce about the stage, ejected 90 degrees apart from one another in an attempt to hit Kirby. These bubbles will abruptly split into eight smaller hazards, and eventually they will all pop. Eventually, four of the bubbles will leave floating cores, which can be inhaled for the Bomb ability or simply spat back.

Before the bubbles fly off of Miracle Matter, they will rotate around it for a time while much smaller, and may stop at any of a large variety of angles. Kirby cannot inhale them yet, but may attack them in any other way to destroy them.

Out of all of Miracle Matter's forms, this is the only one which is defeated in two hits - all others take three.

Burn form[edit]

The Burn form ejects flame pillars from all four directions.

The foe will morph into a flaming ball of various colors, then will usually glide to a new location before it attacks with flame pillars. When each burst is over, a glob of lava will be left behind, which can be inhaled by Kirby for the Burn ability, or spat back to damage Miracle Matter in this form.

This attack has three variants, signaled by how Miracle Matter moves before it attacks:

  1. Miracle Matter will move left or right and spout flames upward and downward, which it repeats twice. After the third attack, it will return to the center. It may skip the first movement and immediately attack, as it usually attacks once to the left, once to the right, and once in the center.
  2. Miracle Matter will move up or down and spout flames left and right. It does this twice before returning to center.
  3. Miracle Matter will move on both the X- and Y-axis before jetting out its fire in all four directions. It then returns to the center position.

Cutter form[edit]

The Cutter form cycles around the arena as green curves.

Miracle Matter will turn into a series of green curves, and begins to cycle around the arena. It does this several times, with each cycle going closer to the ground than the last before making a final pass directly along the ground. It loops back up to the center position and stays there for a moment before reverting to normal. This form can cycle either clockwise or counter-clockwise, irrespective of Kirby's position. It will move the same way each time this form appears.

Every time it attacks, it misses the corners. If Kirby takes note of this, he can inhale this form's backside, which is the only object he's given to fight back with, and spit it at Miracle Matter the next time it circles past him. He can spit it out to damage Miracle Matter in this form, or swallow for the Cutter ability to use as well.

Ice form[edit]

The Ice form orbits icicles around itself.

Miracle Matter will morph into a spinning ice cube, and eject a set of revolving icicles, which can be inhaled for the Ice ability. These projectiles will orbit Miracle Matter, expanding and contracting their radius around Miracle Matter. This continues for a few loops, and then Miracle Matter will wait at the center for about one second before returning to its basic form.

In this form, the foe moves toward the bottom right before looping around, effectively making a figure eight around the arena a few times. Miracle Matter and its projectiles also move in various ways, such as tilting and spinning, making it difficult for Kirby to inhale and spit back the icicles without getting in harm's way.

Needle form[edit]

The Needle form expands its spikes.

Miracle Matter transforms itself into an orange sun-like shape surrounded with eight short spikes. The spikes on its body will extend and retract starting at the top and circling around either clockwise or counter-clockwise in an attempt to pierce through Kirby. As each spike retracts, a pointy object will be left behind for Kirby to attack Miracle Matter with, or it can be swallowed to get the Needle ability.

Whichever way Miracle Matter attacks is determined by Kirby standing on either side of this form as it spawns. This is because Miracle Matter will always attack either toward or away from Kirby - which one it chooses varies between fights, but remains consistent throughout an individual battle.

Spark form[edit]

The Spark form's lasers ricochet off it while as a ball of light.

Miracle Matter morphs its appearance to that of a sparkling ball of light, then it will shoot a sequence of lasers at Kirby periodically. These lasers wrap around the screen, and may ricochet off of Miracle Matter as they try to hit Kirby.

When the lasers move, they gradually become shorter. After enough time, they will slow down and become simple balls of electricity mimicking Miracle Matter's own appearance in this form. Kirby can only inhale them after they've gone into the ball form, and then he may spit them back at Miracle Matter, or can be swallowed for the Spark ability.

Stone form[edit]

The Stone form drops two boulders.

Miracle Matter will transfigure itself into a heavy, brown boulder, then hover over Kirby while tracking his movement briefly. Suddenly, rocks eject from its sides, two of which immediately fall and try to hit Kirby. Miracle Matter will follow Kirby again before repeating this same trick with the other two.

When the smaller rocks land, they break and can be inhaled in order to obtain the Stone ability or attack Miracle Matter. Miracle Matter itself will roll back and forth along the arena floor, stopping just before each safe zone in the bottom corners. It then rolls to the middle of the floor and rises back to center position, immediately reverting to its standard form.


Main article: Miracle Matter (theme)

Miracle Matter's theme is composed by Jun Ishikawa and can be found as Music 20 in the Sound Check mode of Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. Interestingly, 20 is the exact number of the faces Miracle Matter has. This track shares the same intro with the regular boss battle theme from The Crystal Shards (Music 19 in Sound Check), but they have totally different melodies. Miracle Matter's theme is oddly not included in Hoshi no Kirby 64 Original Soundtrack, but is included in The Very Best of Kirby: 52 Hit Tracks and simply titled "Miracle Matter".

In Kirby Star Allies, Miracle Matter's theme is reused during the Rocky ambush and Chef Kawasaki mid-boss battle of the Sector B stage in Jambastion, which can be found as Track 87 in the Jukebox.

In addition, the battle theme of Adeleine & Ribbon vs. Morpho Knight is an arrangement of "0² Battle", "Miracle Matter" and Ripple Star's map theme, which can be found as Track 178 in the Jukebox (as of Version 4.0.0). This track is named おとめたちのやみとのたたかい (The Girls' Battle with the Darkness) in the Original Soundtrack, and was arranged by Hirokazu Ando.


  • In Kirby Star Allies, the Final Core of Void Termina and its alternate versions Void Soul and Void have an attack that resembles Miracle Matter's Needle Form: they burst into laughter and poke eight needles out of their body. Void and Void Soul can duplicate themselves in their versions, and in the original, the needles are rotated 22.5 degrees from their position and each version fires the needles at the same time. Internally, Void Termina's core's version is called Laughing Needle, and Void Soul's version is called Full Smile.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ミラクルマター
Mirakuru Matā
Miracle Matter