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Bound Pound

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Bound Pound being used by Void Soul.

Bound Pound,[Japanese title] also translated as Bound Pond[from internal data][1] is a recurring attack used by various bosses (typically ball-shaped "soul" bosses) which involves the user bouncing along the background before slamming hard into the ground, creating shockwaves on landing and usually dropping Dropped Stars in its wake. The first user of this attack was Drawcia Soul in Kirby: Canvas Curse, and it has since been reused by several subsequent ball-shaped bosses in the Kirby series.

Game appearances[edit]

The following table outlines in chronological order which games this attack appears in, which entity can use the attack, and any other pertinent notes.

Bound Pound appearances  
Game User Notes
Kirby: Canvas Curse Drawcia Soul This is the first appearance of the move, setting the standard for how it operates.
Kirby's Return to Dream Land / Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe Grand Doomer Used only during the final phase in Story Mode and Extra Mode.
Kirby: Triple Deluxe Soul of Sectonia Merged with Deadly Sun under the name デッドリーバウンド・サン (Deadly Bound Sun).[2] Used only during the final phase.
Kirby Star Allies Void Termina Named カケッコ (Sprint).[3] Used only during the 4th phase.
Void Soul Splits into 4 copies with each of them proceeding to do the attack.
Void Uses two variations: One features Void splitting into 4 copies with them proceeding to do the attack in pairs. The other features Void partially filling the arena with water before using the attack.
Kirby and the Forgotten Land Chaos Elfilis Called インパクトポンド (Impact Pound).[4] Used only during the final phase. Produces shockwaves from the impact.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese バウンド ポンド[5]
Baundo Pondo
Bound Pound / Bound Pond
ポンド can be translated as both "pound" and "pond", and is spelled as the latter in the data names.
Based on context, it's likely intended to be "pound".

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