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Dark Star

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Dark Star
Dark Star K64 space.png
Dark Star as shown from the level selection in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards.
Level no. 7
Stages 1
Theme music

Clip of the stage music for Dark Star

Level progression
Ripple Star Last level
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Dark Star is the final level in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, and is where Kirby's mission to vanquish Dark Matter ends. The prerequisites to reach this level are to obtain all of the scattered Crystal Shards in the game and to defeat Miracle Matter, the boss of Ripple Star; as such, Dark Star can only be reached if the true ending is achieved. While defeating Miracle Matter will superficially rid the realm of Dark Matter, the queen of Ripple Star will still be affected by , the source of the Dark Matter, resulting in a False Ending if Miracle Matter was defeated but not every Crystal Shard was collected. In the true ending, by using the power of the Crystal Shards, 0² is defeated in the core of the Dark Star, and peace returns to the entire realm, including Ripple Star.

Dark Star itself appears to be an enormous dark cloud made up of Dark Matter. Inside of it is a dark-red cloudy environment with many colored hexagons that serve as a floor. During the battle with 0², the dark-red background has multiple black tiretrack-like bars moving on it.


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The Dark Star is held together and supplied by 0², the monster at its core.

There is not much to this level, beyond the major boss fight. Kirby begins on a series of hexagonal platforms in the middle of a red bottomless pit, and must progress to the right. There will be several N-Z blocking his way, but they won't be too much a hindrance. Waddle Dee opens up the way to the next room by bursting a hole through the floor.

In the next room, Adeleine paints a Maxim Tomato for Kirby as her last gift to him; alternatively, she may paint a 1-Up if Kirby is at full health. From there, Kirby gets a boost into the air from King Dedede to begin the fight proper.

The last part of the level is the fight with , which uses Ribbon's Crystal. Unlike in the rest of the game, Kirby and Ribbon are controlled in a fully 3D space in order to avoid 0²'s attacks and shoot at its weak points. When it is defeated, it explodes in a dramatic fashion, destroying Dark Star along with it.

Ending Cutscene[edit]

Dark Star enters convulsions and explodes once 0² is defeated.

Kirby and Co. escape Dark Star as it convulses, then explodes. Back on Ripple Star, fireworks fill the night sky as the queen of Ripple Star awards crystal medals to each of the heroes from Pop Star. When Kirby gets his medal, Ribbon comes forward and gives him a kiss on the cheek. At this, Kirby blushes and stumbles backward, causing him to fall down the stairs. The cutscene ends frozen on this moment as Kirby's friends panic to catch him. From here, the credits roll, and the game is completed.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ファイナルスター
Fainaru Sutā
Final Star