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Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble - Level 6

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Level 6
KTnT Level 6 Select.png
Level 6 on the World Map
Boss Kracko
Level order
Level 5 Level 7
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KTnT Level 6 icon.png Level 6 is the sixth of eight levels in Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble. Like all levels in this game, it consists of four stages played in sequence. The boss faced at the end of stage 4 is Kracko.


Stage Description
This stage takes place in grassy plains with lots of waterways and other hazards inset. The path splits and then re-converges twice along its length. Whispy Woods can be found here, who can warp Kirby to Level 8.
This stage features lots of halfpipe platforms which are patrolled by Poppy Bros. Jr.s and UFOs.
This stage is mostly open sky, and can be traversed using Balloons. Lots of Cloud Cannons are fought here.
This stage is a perilous path up in a cloud palace with many Boolers and conveyor belts. At the end, Kirby has to battle Kracko, who shoots lightning at him this time around.