Robo Dedede

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Robo Dedede
In-game screenshot of Kirby battling Robo Dedede in Kirby's Dream Course.
First game Kirby's Dream Course
Weakness(es) Direct impacts
Similar to Scope Shot robots, Dededestroyer Z, HR-D3
Theme music

no music given

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This article is about the robot boss from Kirby's Dream Course. For other robots designed after or owned by King Dedede, see Scope Shot, HR-D3, or Dededestroyer Z.

Robo Dedede[1] is the final boss of Kirby's Dream Course, taking the form of a giant mechanical replica of King Dedede which the king himself pilots from inside. The robot is covered in rivets and slots, has a clamp for a left hand and drill for a right hand, is capable of slow forward locomotion using its feet, and can call forth smaller Dedede robots to trip Kirby up.

To defeat Robo Dedede, Kirby must slam directly into it several times. A successful hit causes Robo Dedede to be knocked back and temporarily have Xs in its eyes. With each hit, Robo Dedede also becomes more red. If Robo Dedede manages to reach Kirby's starting position, Kirby will lose the fight.


  1. Name taken from Miiverse post regarding Kirby Fighters Deluxe.