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Kirby's Block Ball - Stage 6

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Stage 6
KBBa Stage 6 selected.png
Stage 6 from the stage selection screen.
Border Line score 120000
Copy Abilities None
Boss Mr. Frosty
Stage music

no music given

Stage order
Stage 5 Stage 7
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Stage 6 of Kirby's Block Ball is the sixth of eleven stages in the game, featured as an iceberg island in the very top of the map. This stage features five rounds and no Copy Abilities, and hosts Mr. Frosty as its boss. The Border Line score for this stage is 120000 points.

Intro cutscene[edit]

A portion of the intro cutscene, demonstrating the Crash item.

After the stage is selected, a brief cutscene plays which demonstrates how the Crash item works. Kirby approaches and enters a barricade of blocks in ball form to ambush a Captain Stitch in the middle. Once defeated, a Crash item drops which Kirby then runs into. This causes an explosion which removes all of the Indestructible Blocks from the barricade. After flying off, Kirby comes flying back down, charred from the explosion. He faceplants on the floor, and his foot twitches a couple times.


Stage 6 consists of three Block Areas, one Target-Shooting Area featuring Mr. Frosty, and a Boss Area against the same opponent. These rooms are lain out as follows:

Round Description
KBBa Stage 6-1.png
Round 6-1
The first area features a central block barricade fully protected by Indestructible Blocks, and a deck of Power Blocks above it. Between the two are two Twizzies flying back and forth, and above the Power Block row is a Captain Stitch and two Switch Stars. Kirby will need to bust through the Power Block line and hit Captain Stitch three times to defeat it, leaving behind a Crash item which can be used to remove the Indestructible Blocks barring Kirby from the remaining blocks. Once both Switch Stars are collected, a Bonus Chance begins.

The area is complete once all blocks save for the Pinball Block are removed.

KBBa Stage 6-2.png
Round 6-2
The second area features a dense block formation which has a distorted shape. The formation is bordered by Indestructible Blocks and Ability Blocks, meaning that Kirby will have a hard time entering the few weaker blocks in the formation unless he has a Copy Ability. A Captain Stitch holding a Crash item can be found in the upper right corner of the area just above the blocks. Inside the formation, a Switch Star and a Score Block can be found.

The area is complete once all of the White and Gray Blocks are removed.

KBBa Stage 6-3.png
Round 6-3
The third area is an extremely dense block formation which fills up the entire space above the bottom paddle and spike bed. To the right, a Warp Star can be uncovered in a gap which leads to a Sub-Game. Inside the formation, a line of Indestructible Blocks separates the White Blocks from the Gray ones, with a gap in the middle where a Switch Star and a Scarfy can be found. The Scarfy drops a Crash item when defeated.

The area is complete once all of the White, Gray, and Power Blocks are removed.

KBBa Stage 6-4.png
Round 6-4 (Target-Shooting)
The fourth area features three separate formations consisting mainly of Star Blocks with spike beds and paddles on all sides save the top. Between these formations, a somewhat petite Mr. Frosty patrols the area. Hitting him four times causes him to fall back, and a Warp Star appears to take Kirby to the Boss Area.

The area is complete once Kirby touches the Warp Star.

KBBa Mr Frosty.png
Round 6-5 (boss)
In the last area, Kirby must contend with Mr. Frosty, who uses a series of icy platforms as cover as he rolls between them, shrinking paddles he comes into contact with. When standing still, Kirby can be caught by Mr. Frosty if he comes in from below. If caught, Mr. Frosty will spin Kirby around, and then toss him in a random direction. Once hit 12 times, Mr. Frosty will be defeated, and the stage completed.