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Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble - Level 3

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Level 3
KTnT Level 3 Select.png
Level 3 on the World Map
Boss Kracko
Level order
Level 2 Level 4
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KTnT Level 3 icon.png Level 3 is the third of eight levels in Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble. Like all levels in this game, it consists of four stages played in sequence. The boss faced at the end of stage 4 is Kracko.


Stage Description
This stage features a lot of open water areas, which Kirby can cross by using wooden piers and bridges. Flotzos appear regularly to try and push Kirby into the water, and Mr. Frosty shows up with the Red Star further up. Whispy Woods can also be found here, allowing Kirby to skip to Level 6 if he wants.
This stage consists almost entirely of crumbling floors, meaning Kirby has to keep on the move at almost all times. A few hazards such as bumpers and Waddle Dees will try to trip Kirby up as he makes his way through this cave.
This stage has Kirby paddling up river rapids using rafts. He will have to ram the Squishys who pop out of the water to try and stop him.
This castle stage involves following a Blockbot as it slowly builds a path over a bottomless pit. From here, Kirby needs to battle Kracko using a Balloon.