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Cloudy Park (Kirby's Dream Land 3)

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Cloudy Park
KDL3 Cloudy Park stage select.png
The Stage Select screen for Cloudy Park.
Level Nr. 4
Mini-Game How many of the same color are there?
Boss Ado
Theme music

Clip of the Stage Select theme for Cloudy Park.

Level Progression
Sand Canyon Iceberg
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This article is about the level in Kirby's Dream Land 3. For the level in Kirby's Dream Land 2, see Cloudy Park (Kirby's Dream Land 2).

Cloudy Park is the fourth level in Kirby's Dream Land 3. It is an area dominated by cloudscapes and tall mountains. The boss of the level is Ado. This level follows Sand Canyon and is followed by Iceberg.


Nago is tossing Kirby about like a ball, when Pitch flies in from behind. Seeing this, Nago runs over to Pitch, leaving Kirby in midair as Nago rolls Pitch away like a ball instead. After being left behind, Kirby looks around for Nago, spots him leaving, and runs after him, upset.


Cloudy Park is set high in a mountain range, with ready access to clouds solid enough to stand on. Strong wind currents sweep through some areas of the stages. In many areas, the clouds will get thick, which can obscure the player's view of Kirby and the environment. The regions Kirby can traverse in this level vary in composition. The first stage has him moving through a series of high cliffs, the second stage takes place atop a largely flat cloud sheet, the third stage takes place inside a storm cloud, and features a few pools, the fourth stage takes place inside a massive cloud cavern, the fifth stage has Kirby bouncing along narrow pillars above a pink cloudscape, and the sixth stage takes place inside a toy palace.

Most of the Heart Stars in this level are simpler compared to those of previous stages.


Each stage is unlocked in succession after clearing the previous one. Defeating Ado is necessary to move on to Iceberg. For more information about a particular stage, click on the link to the stage's page in the table. For a full guide on how to get the Heart Stars in this region, visit the Heart Star page.

Stage Animal Friends Notes
All six friends.
ChuChu, Nago, & Pitch
ChuChu, Kine, & Rick This stage features the mini-game How many of the same color are there?.
ChuChu & Coo This stage features the mid-boss Jumper Shoot.
Coo & Rick
Coo, Nago, & Rick
N/A Completing this stage unlocks Iceberg.


Pop Star in Kirby's Dream Land 3
Grass LandRipple FieldSand CanyonCloudy ParkIcebergHyper ZoneKDL3 M PopStar.png

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