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The first HAL Room in Kirby: Triple Deluxe.

A HAL Room is a secret area in any given Kirby title, where elements of the stage spell out the letters H A and L. This is a direct reference to HAL Laboratory, the studio that develops the Kirby series.

To reach a HAL Room, a specific path and/or series of doorways must be taken in a specific stage. These paths are usually hidden and require a discerning eye, specific movement, or just plain patience to reveal. The room itself usually features its own music, and often contains rare Copy Ability pedestals, and plenty of Food and other collectibles.

Though these rooms are secret, their locations are usually telegraphed to the player through cryptic screenshots showcased in the credits.

HAL Room Locations

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Kirby's Adventure / Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land

A HAL Room can be found in Stage 2 of Vegetable Valley. When the Warp Star is reached, Kirby has to walk past it, run up against the right end of the screen for a little while, then fly back for a moment. Once the Warp Star platform is out of view, Kirby then needs to go back toward it. If done correctly, the star will be gone, and Kirby will be able to proceed further right to reach the formation of Star Blocks that spell out 'HAL'. Once Kirby returns to the left, the Warp Star will be there again.

Kirby Super Star Ultra

In the Illusion Islands stage of Revenge of the King, there is a Post that can be pounded along the route to the castle. Doing so uncovers a Food item and a hidden entrance to another area. In this area, Kirby has to battle Mr. Tick Tock. After defeating him, Kirby can progress to the right, over a wall, and find the HAL logo in Star Blocks. Near the exit door, Kirby can get an Invincibility Candy.

Kirby's Return to Dream Land

A HAL Room can be found in Stage 4 of Cookie Country, in the first area. After reaching the end of the path, Kirby needs to walk all the way to the end of the screen, wait there a short moment, then head back the other way, to find a pillar of land has moved downward to reveal a new doorway. Through this door is a walk to the HAL Room, which contains the Wing, Hammer, Fighter and Ninja abilities. Breaking the Star Blocks that spell HAL also reveal items.

Another HAL Room can be found in Stage 5 of Egg Engines, in the third area. A conveyer at the end of the hall drops a number of Waddle Dees in front of Kirby and the normal door forward. However, if Kirby bypasses the door and heads up the conveyer, he can enter an obscure hole at the back of it to reach a series of cannon firings, and the HAL Room, again made of star blocks. The Whip, Water, Leaf and Spear abilities can be obtained here, which happen to be abilities introduced in this title.

Kirby's Dream Collection

In the New Challenge Stages, a hidden doorway in the Normal Challenge Stage leads to a room where the platforms unfold themselves slowly to spell out HAL, and generate some Point Coins.

Kirby: Triple Deluxe

The first HAL Room can be found in Stage 3 of Fine Fields. To unlock it, Kirby must first walk all the way to the right end of the area, in the background, wait there a short moment, then return to the spot where Kirby first entered the area to find a new 3-D Warp Star. Taking this star places Kirby in an area he couldn't get to before, where he must then walk to the left to find the HAL Room. This room contains the Wing, Leaf, Fighter and Wheel abilities on pedestals.

The second HAL Room can be found in Stage 5 of Royal Road. A special room where Kirby must contend with 3D Securitron Blocks will box him in. Once the blocks stop extending, Kirby must wait next to the door for a very long time, which will eventually cause a new doorway to appear. This will take Kirby to a room where more blocks spell out HAL.

Kirby Fighters Deluxe

In the stage VS Kracko on Very Hard difficulty, tiles on the floor read "HAL".

Kirby: Planet Robobot

The first HAL Room can be found in Stage 3 of Patched Plains. At the very front of the train, Kirby must activate the Warp Star, but instead of riding it, he must then backtrack and find an area where he collected a Code Cube. There a new 3-D Warp Star will have appeared to take him into the background, where he will then find a door to another room. This room has a chute with some 1-Ups in it, which is reward enough, but yet another secret passage can be found in this room, which will lead to the HAL Room in question.

The Second HAL Room can be found in Stage 1 of Access Ark. A nook can be found in one of the walls, which leads to a big room containing a portrait of President Haltmann. This portrait has a tear in the corner, which Kirby can enter to reach the HAL Room. This particular HAL Room has very large Star Blocks and also holds the elusive Smash Bros. Copy Ability.

The third and final HAL Room can be discovered in Stage 4 of Access Ark. At the very end, some extending walls will box Kirby in with the goal door. Instead of using this door, Kirby has to wait in this room for a very long time. After that time passes, another door will appear which will take Kirby to a room where more extending walls will spell out HAL.