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Star Chest

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Star Chest
SKC Star Chest artwork.png
In-game art of a Star Chest.
Use Obtaining Gem Apples and Fragments.
Obtained Breaking the orb containing it during a Party Quest.
Game(s) Super Kirby Clash
Comparable to Rare Fragment
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A Star Chest is an item that can appear during Party Quests in Super Kirby Clash. To obtain it, the player must join a game with the chest icon aside it (referred to as a Star Quest). From there, the Star Chest will appear at a semi-random point during the battle inside a crystal sphere and fly around the battlefield, similar to a Rare Fragment. The sphere must be shattered by repeated attacks during the fight to obtain the chest, or it will fly away. Team Kirby must then win the fight in order to claim the chest's contents after the quest concludes.

Once the battle is over, the chest opens to reveal its contents, which can be as follows:

  • Fire Fragments
  • Water Fragments
  • Light Fragments
  • Gem Apples
  • Rare Fragments

The number of these varies, and can be made to increase if Star Chest Codexes are purchased at Magolor's Shoppe.