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Glitches in Super Kirby Clash

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Listed below are the glitches in Super Kirby Clash. Please read the Glitch Disclaimer Notes before attempting any of the glitches on this page.

List of glitches[edit]

Aeon Hero perspective glitch[edit]

When Aeon Hero (Dark) is defeated, the camera pans up as he is sealed away. Sometimes while playing online or via local wireless with others, the perspective will stay the same instead of cutting to the Kirbys, leaving the Kirbys' victory poses almost entirely off-screen.[1]

Battle music stopping a moment too late[edit]

When dealing the final blow to certain bosses with a Time Beam while time is stopped (such as against the Aeon Hero), the music will continue for a very brief moment before the boss defeat animation starts.

Green Kirby duplication[edit]

Sometimes in an online match when a second player joins they may appear as Green Kirby instead of blue. Player 3 will be the other Green Kirby. This will not be fixed when the third player joins as they will be blue. In the quest itself, Player 4 (whether if it is a CPU or not) will appear as Player 2 and even in Team Meteor order and victory pose order, Blue Kirby will be last. This may also work with the first player joining being colored blue, but has not been proven yet.

Infinite Hammer Flips[edit]

If the Hammer Flip animation is interrupted by an attack, it will allow the player to do infinite Hammer Flips until the invincibility frames end.

Parallel Nightmare's presence[edit]

After defeating Parallel Nightmare or Parallel Nightmare's Revenge, several effects can happen: after falling, his texture can glitch out in place of a starry explosion[2], or he can reappear behind the Kirbys as they celebrate his defeat, emerging from the ground in a falling state.[3]

Rare Fragment absence[edit]

On extremely rare occasions, a rare fragment will appear when an enemy is damaged by a Team Meteor attack. Because the Team Meteor animation happens in another skybox very far from the skybox where Team Kirby fights on, it will take the rare fragment a longer time to get into the arena than usual.


When playing local wireless or online with other players, several softlocks may occur during specific cutscenes; the only way to escape these glitches is by closing the game from the Nintendo Switch HOME Menu and restarting it.

Static defeat[edit]

Sometimes when defeating Aeon Hero with any attack, the frame a beam whip ends makes the game produce a static sound for a brief second before continuing like normal.

Sword Hero attack audio glitch[edit]

If a Kirby with the Sword Hero role attacks at the same time as collecting the final Power Tablet during an online or local wireless Party Quest, its sound effect will play during the Team Meteor sequence.

Time Beam audio desync[edit]

If a multiplayer Party Quest experiences lag while an enemy is frozen from Time Beam, then the background music will finish before the enemy unfreezes, resulting in a period without any background music.