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Adventurer Bell

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Adventurer Bell
SKC Adventurer's Bell.jpg
Kirby uses the Adventurer Bell at the Port Village in Super Kirby Clash
Type Interactable location
Function Calls CPU helpers based on other players' teams
Found Port and Castle Village
Game(s) Super Kirby Clash
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The Adventurer Bell is a bell on a pole which can be found in the Villages of the Dream Kingdom in Super Kirby Clash. The purpose of the bell is to allow Kirby to call Adventurers to his side to bolster his team during battles. These adventurers are controlled by the CPU, and can replace Kirby's normal teammates during battle, but will only participate in one quest before moving on.

Using the bell[edit]

The Adventurer Bell is located just to the right of the Gem Apple tree in both villages, and appears before the Password Shrine. In 24-hour intervals, the bell can be used for free to recruit Adventurers, but if Kirby wants to ring the bell more often, he must spend ten Gem Apples to do so. When a free ring is ready, the bell will emit a subtle circular aura of yellow pulsing light. The bell cannot be used at the very start of the game, as it does not become available until after first visiting Magolor's Shoppe.

Once the bell is rung, Kirby will receive a gift of Fragments and Gem Apples for doing so, and will gain six adventurers who are displayed with their names, stats and preferred poses one-by-one. The gift received can vary in magnitude based on how many Adventurer Gift Codexes were purchased at Magolor's Shoppe; at the lowest level, Kirby will receive 5 Fire, Water, and Light Fragments, and at the highest level, Kirby will receive 50 such Fragments and 6 Gem Apples. (as such, this can be seen as a way to buy fragments using Gem Apples, and ultimately will only cost 4 apples overall at the maximum level, barring free rings) After finishing this process, Kirby will make an ecstatic pose and cheer with an emphatic "Hii!".

Meeting adventurers is also tied into several Heroic Mission objectives in both Team Kirby Clash Deluxe and Super Kirby Clash. (see Heroic Mission (Team Kirby Clash Deluxe) and Heroic Mission (Super Kirby Clash) for details)


When ringing the bell, the player has an option between searching for adventurers online or offline. These adventurers can be of any role, and are chosen at random. Online adventurers are based off of Kirbys from other players' teams, and can vary wildly in level and equipment, though unless they are from the player's friend list, they will not be more than a few levels higher than Kirby's team is. Offline adventurers will usually match Kirby's level and be given a pre-generated name, but may also vary in equipment and are given semi-random stats. The name of the online adventurers will match the source player's user account name, and offline adventurer names will match the following template:

The "(adjective)" part of the name is replaced with a randomly-picked word which does not vary based on the role.

List of adjectives[edit]

The following is every known adjective that can appear in the name of an offline Adventurer:

  • Bold
  • Breezy
  • Chatty
  • Chipper
  • Dulcet
  • Funny
  • Ghostly
  • Great
  • Hungry
  • Lonely
  • Lost
  • Mighty
  • Puffy
  • Reborn
  • Roaming
  • Scared
  • Shy
  • Solo
  • Vain
  • Young

In the village[edit]

Once adventurers are called, up to six will appear in the Village. They will stand in place, using the same idle animations as Kirby until he approaches them. When this happens, they will automatically respond with one of the following reactions, again chosen at random:

  • The adventurer raises his right hand to his mouth and looks curiously at Kirby, keeping a neutral expression.
  • The adventurer smiles at Kirby and adopts a more laid-back pose, allowing his arms to swing more freely.
  • The adventurer cheerfully waves at Kirby with both arms.
  • The adventurer gasps and stares with awe at Kirby.

Kirby can approach one of the adventurers and interact with him. When this is done, they wave and cry out "Hi!" at each-other, and the player is shown that adventurer's stats. Once this is done, the adventurer thus visited will adopt a grin until Kirby leaves his presence.

In quests[edit]

When gearing up for a quest (Story or Party), the player can select CPU teammates to be replaced with recruited adventurers. This is done in the same manner as changing the role of CPU teammates. Adventurers will still automatically be replaced by player-controlled Kirbys who join in multiplayer quests. Adventurers do not have any notable differences in behavior versus standard CPU teammates in battle. Once the battle is concluded, any adventurers used will no longer be available, and Kirby will have to ring the bell again to obtain more.


  • There is an increased chance of adventurers from the player's friend list appearing when searching for adventurers online, no matter what their level is.