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Revival Spell

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In-game example of the Revival Spell being used in Super Kirby Clash.
Move near an injured teammate and press Y to cast a revival spell!
— in-game hint caption from Super Kirby Clash

The Revival Spell is a special move which is used in the Team Kirby Clash series of spin-off Kirby games which allows each member of Team Kirby to revive their fallen comrades during a battle. This spell is shared by all four roles of Kirby, though Doctor Healmore is the preferred role to use it. The Revival Spell can be used without limit, but each subsequent revival will take longer to perform depending on how many times that teammate was KOed during the match.

When time runs out in a match or everyone is KOed, Gem Apples can be spent to restore the party to full stamina using the same animation as a restoration from the Revival Spell. However, these revivals do not count toward the charging time of the Revival Spell.


Performing the spell[edit]

In order to perform the Revival Spell, a standing teammate must move near a fallen teammate until the icon to revive is shown, and then the controlling player must press the Y button to start the process. The reviving teammate places his left hand down to the floor as a magic vortex (and accompanying charging sound) begin to manifest around that teammate. During this charging process, the reviving teammate can be interrupted if he is hit by an attack from the enemy, and must start the process over again if this happens. After a specific amount of time (depending on factors elaborated on below) passes, the reviving teammate gets up and does an ecstatic pose. Just as this pose concludes, the fallen teammate is restored to half his health and gets back up after a special revival animation. During both these poses, the teammates performing them cannot be hit by the enemy, and the revived teammate is given a second or so of invulnerability afterward in order to escape from a potentially dangerous situation.

When this spell is performed by any role aside from Doctor Healmore, a small amount of stamina is drained from the reviving teammate once the fallen teammate gets back up. The amount drained is roughly equal to 1/10th of the reviver's maximum stamina, but it is not possible to go below 1/10th stamina by reviving a teammate; hence, it is not possible to KO oneself by reviving a partner.

Charging time[edit]

The amount of time it takes to cast the Revival Spell depends on the following factors:

  • The number of times the fallen teammate has been revived prior in the match (more equals a longer charging time).
  • The Recovery stat for the fallen teammate (more equals less charging time).
  • Any bonuses to Revival Speed the casting teammate has (more equals less charging time).

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ふっかつのじゅもん
fukkatsu no jumon
Revival Spell
French Sort de vie Life spell
European Spanish Conjuro resucitador Resurrection spell