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Shinya Kumazaki

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Shinya Kumazaki
Shinya Kumazaki GDC 2023 panel.jpg
Shinya Kumazaki in 2023
Born May 21, 1979
Role(s) General Director & Designer
Employer(s) HAL Laboratory
Notable works Many Kirby games, starting with Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land
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Shinya Kumazaki (熊崎信也 Kumazaki Shinya, born May 21, 1979) is a Japanese video game designer, graphic designer, and chief director for HAL Laboratory. He began working as a designer on Kirby Air Ride (including work on course design), then on Kirby: Canvas Curse (specifically handling the story and final boss).[1][2] Subsequently, he served as director on Kirby Super Star Ultra for the first time. He is currently managing the development of the entire Kirby series as General Director since Kirby: Planet Robobot, a position previously held by Masahiro Sakurai.

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Shinya Kumazaki is also the current voice of King Dedede (and his variants) since Kirby Super Star Ultra, as well as Void Termina (Phase 4, with Hirokazu Ando, Yuuta Ogasawara, and Yumi Todo).[3]



  • Like many staff members of HAL Laboratory, Shinya Kumazaki signs with the initials of his romanized name (his being S.K.).
  • Shinya Kumazaki once had a female pet cat called Tom (now deceased) whose voice was sampled for Star Dream and Nago (for the Cleaning ability in Kirby Star Allies). He currently has a male pet cat called Sora-kun, whose voice was sampled for Clawroline.[4]
  • Shinya Kumazaki has a personal art gallery where he has illustrated some Kirby characters, including Drawcia and Taranza. The gallery can be viewed here.



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