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Kirby Anniversary

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Kirby's Anniversary is an event that is held annually in commemoration of the release of Kirby's Dream Land, the first game in the Kirby series and the creation of Kirby as a character. Milestone anniversaries, typically occurring every five years, often involve major celebrations including events, promotions, and game launches.

Kirby 20th Anniversary (2012)[edit]

Kirby 20th Anniversary logo

Kirby 25th Anniversary (2017)[edit]

Kirby 25th Anniversary logo

Kirby 30th Anniversary (2022)[edit]

Kirby 30th Anniversary logo

Minor Anniversaries[edit]

Since its inception during Kirby 25th Anniversary, the Kirby JP Twitter has released annual commemorative illustrations of Kirby's birthday parties. The series's 26th anniversary featured the notable rebranding of both the Twitter account and the Kirby Portal website away from celebrations of the 25th anniversary and toward a broader depiction of the franchise. A password for Team Kirby Clash Deluxe was also revealed in commemoration. The 28th and 29th anniversaries were commemorated with passwords for Super Kirby Clash, with the former revealing one in CoroCoro.