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Play Nintendo is a division of the official North American website of Nintendo. It promotes Nintendo's franchises, including Kirby, to younger audiences through various activities and games.



This section provides a brief description of Nintendo characters to the player. Despite the name, the section also introduces enemies and main antagonists.

Character Description
This pink puff is pretty adorable—and strong, too!
Kirby is always hungry, and he can inhale various enemies that stand in his way. When he does, he can take on their abilities. And when he’s not battling baddies, you’ll find Kirby enjoying a nice nap or a hearty meal.
Every hero needs an arch frenemy, and King Dedede is Kirby’s!
The self-proclaimed king of Dream Land, King Dedede just loves stirring up trouble. His other hobbies include yelling orders at his loyal Waddle Dees and bashing things with his huge hammer.
Dream Land is filled with these little fellows, strolling from place to place.
Generally peaceful, their slow pace can be a problem when Kirby’s in a hurry. Waddle Dees take on all kinds of jobs around the kingdom, from guard to lumberjack. Talk about talented!
Just who is Meta Knight? We’re not sure, since he usually wears a silver mask.
Sometimes Meta Knight shows up to help Kirby, but he usually prefers to fight. What better way to show off his awesome moves? He’s round, fast, and good with a sword!
How’s the weather up there? If Kracko’s hanging around, it can be pretty scary!
This cloud-shaped creature keeps its eye out for Kirby—so it can blast the pink hero with lightning and rain.
This lively tree is a protector of the forest, and somehow he always ends up in Kirby’s way.
His bark is usually worse than his bite, but he’ll fight back if you step on his roots. And, if you make him really mad, he’ll even toss his apples at you!
Susie’s going to show you who’s boss!
The Executive Assistant for the Haltmann Works Company has to juggle a lot of responsibilities. Susie’s in charge of scheduling meetings, screening calls, and of course, leading the plan to completely mechanize Planet Popstar.
A mysterious visitor from another dimension.
Magolor is a cosmic traveler who has crash landed on Planet Popstar. Kirby and his friends set off on an adventure to find the missing pieces of Magolor’s ship, the Lor Starcutter, and help Magolor return to his home planet.


As directly stated by its name, Activities features various activities that the player can do. This includes: online games, quizzes, polls, and puzzles.

Skill Quizzes
Personality Quizzes
  • What's YOUR Kirby copy ability?
  • Stuck on you
  • Kirby’s best buddies
  • Hungry for adventure
  • Delicious fun
  • Super quiz on Super Abilities!
Opinion Polls
  • Which Kirby transformation would you be?
  • This time it's not about a pot of gold
  • Kirby’s Copy Abilities
  • Kirby's cool new amiibo lineup
  • Suck it up—it's time to hit the playground
  • Kirby attacks!
  • What if you could have one of Kirby’s Copy Abilities?
  • Kirby's got new moves!
  • Which character hat would you pick for Kirby?
  • Swordsman, warrior, scholar, mage!
  • Power of the pink puffball
  • Hungry for adventure
  • Feast of fun
  • Masks galore!
Memory Match-up
  • Kirby Fighters 2 Memory Match-Up
  • Kirby needs to find his match!
  • Kirby’s Dream Buffet Memory Match-up
  • Copy Ability Match-up
  • Kirby needs some color!


The Media section features videos, pictures, and downloadable wallpapers.

  • Kirby Star Allies: Launch Trailer - Nintendo Switch
  • Super Kirby Clash - Overview Trailer - Nintendo Switch
  • Kirby: Triple Deluxe (Screenshots)
  • Kirby's Birthday
  • The Story of Kirby and the Rainbow Curse
  • Kirby and the Rainbow Curse: Behind the Scenes
  • Kirby Star Allies Fan Art
  • Kirby's kickin' bot on this wallpaper (Kirby: Planet Robobot)
  • Happy anniversary, Kirby! (Kirby 25th anniversary)


These are printable activities, crafts and sheets, usually provided as a PDF.

  • Kirby's charged up for graduation
  • Happy Valentine's Day
  • Kirby’s bringing the love
  • Kirby-inspired Rice Cereal Treats
  • Kirby's Rainbow Rope Necklace & Bracelet
  • Create your own clay Kirby at home
  • Kirby Box Builder
Print and play
  • Color me Kirby!

News & Tips[edit]

The section provides news and tips. Comics are also sorted under the section.


There are nine comics based on Kirby and the Rainbow Curse.

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