Kirby's Blowout Blast

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Kirby's Blowout Blast

KBBl logo.png

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Logo and card art for Kirby's Blowout Blast from various regions
Developer(s) HAL Laboratory
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Release date(s) Japan July 4, 2017
South Korea July 4, 2017
NA July 6, 2017
Europe July 6, 2017
Australia July 6, 2017
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Rating(s) ESRB: ESRB E.png - Everyone
PEGI: PEGI 3+.png - 3+
CERO: CERO A.png - All ages
Game size 758 Blocks
Game chronology
Team Kirby Clash Deluxe Kirby Battle Royale
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Kirby's Blowout Blast is an expanded spin-off game released on the Nintendo 3DS eShop in 2017. It is based on the Kirby 3D Rumble Sub-Game in Kirby: Planet Robobot. In this game, the player takes control of Kirby in a 3-D space, making use only of his base Inhale and spit abilities to defeat all his foes in a series of arcade-like levels where the goal is to earn as high a score as possible.


The aim of Kirby's Blowout Blast is to traverse the stages and defeat enemies using Kirby's inhale as efficiently as possible.

Much like its predecessor, Kirby 3D Rumble, the aim of Kirby's Blowout Blast is to reach the end of each stage while earning as high a score as possible. The stages are a linear progression along a 3-dimensional pathway which Kirby must traverse, collecting coins and defeating enemies along the way. Instead of relying on Copy Abilities, Kirby has only his Inhale and subsequent Star Bullets or Air Bullets to deal with enemies.

New to Kirby's Blowout Blast is that if Kirby inhales multiple enemies or objects, he will become very big and bloated. In this state (known officially as Full Belly Kirby), Kirby takes up more space, and is able to collect coins in a wider area around him. When he then releases his payload, the star bullet comes out as a giant rainbow-colored Blaster Bullet which will take out enemies in a very wide path, wider than the bullet itself appears to be.

At the end of each stage, Kirby must either deal with an entourage of enemies or fight a Boss on top of that. Once cleared, a score will be calculated based on how well Kirby did during the stage. Scoring factors include time remaining, the number of coins collected, the number of enemies defeated (bonus points are conveyed with larger bullet combos), and how many times Kirby was hit (with less naturally being better in this case). From there, a trophy is rewarded, with the worst being bronze, (awarded simply for completing the stage) up to platinum at best (a practically perfect run). Completing the stage is all that is necessary to advance in the level, but a Gold or better is needed to unlock the EX levels.

Like in most other titles, Kirby has a stamina bar, and if he is hit too many times (or falls out too many times), he will be defeated and will have to restart the stage. There are a number of Food items that can be collected to restore vitality, but these are not worth any points (and are useless if the player is aiming for Platinum rank).


After inhaling a lot of enemies, Kirby becomes very big and bloated. In this state, he can collect Score Coins in a wider area and break through Star Blocks he walks into. His star bullets also turn into Blaster Bullets, which can defeat enemies in a very wide area.

When each stage is cleared, a score is given to the player depending on how well the stage was performed. There are a number of ways to earn points along the path of each stage.

Firstly, coins can be collected in each stage, which add to the score. To collect them, Kirby has to just move over them. There are three types of coins, each worth more than the last:

  • Bronze coins are worth 100 points each.
  • Silver coins are worth 500 points each.
  • Gold coins are worth 3000 points each, on par with a stage clear bonus. Sometimes, Key Dee can be spotted holding one, and defeating it is necessary to get the coin.

Secondly, enemies are worth points when defeated. Enemies have specific point values assigned to them when defeated, based on their type, but this scoring can be increased based on certain factors. If a normal enemy is hit by a star bullet, its worth goes up in conjunction with the combo amount in the upper-right of the screen, which will maximize at 1000 points per target. As such, getting a higher combo will yield many more points than defeating each enemy individually. Mid-Bosses and Bosses have a specific point value when defeated which, like the normal enemies, are listed in their category below.

Third, the amount of time remaining when a stage is cleared will also contribute to the final score. Each second remaining is worth 5 points.

Finally, there are four bonus criteria to be obtained at the end of each stage. Getting all four of these is a good indicator of whether a Platinum trophy can be earned:

  • No Damage - Stage cleared without taking damage
  • Speed Clear - Stage cleared within a certain time (this varies between stages)
  • All Coins - All coins were collected
  • Enemies Defeated - All enemies were defeated

Each of these bonuses is worth 3000 points.

There is only one way to lose points during a stage, and that is if Kirby is hit. Getting hit loses 100 points, and if it was due to an enemy collision, that enemy may be defeated and incur no points for it.

Trophy Gallery[edit]

The following are the four ranks of trophy that are obtainable at the end of a stage. Getting Gold or better is required to unlock EX stages, and getting Platinum is required for 100% completion.


Overall there are 5 primary levels, 5 EX levels, and a Secret Path level unlocked at the very end. Each level ends with a Boss stage of some variety, and is themed after an area from Kirby's Dream Land.

In EX stages and in Secret Path, Kirby has only half his usual stamina.

Level Stages Boss(es) Based on Notes
4 Lololo Green Greens
4 Kracko Jr. Float Islands
5 Lololo & Lalala Castle Lololo
5 Kracko Bubbly Clouds
5 King Dedede, Giant King Dedede Mt. Dedede A credits sequence rolls after this level is completed for the first time.
4 Lololo's Revenge Level 1 Gold+ trophies are needed in each stage in Level 1 to unlock this level.
4 Kracko Jr.'s Revenge Level 2 Gold+ trophies are needed in each stage in Level 2 to unlock this level.
5 Lololo & Lalala's Revenge Level 3 Gold+ trophies are needed in each stage in Level 3 to unlock this level.
5 Kracko's Revenge Level 4 Gold+ trophies are needed in each stage in Level 4 to unlock this level.
5 King Dedede's Revenge, Giant King Dedede's Revenge Level 5 Gold+ trophies are needed in each stage in Level 5 to unlock this level.
KBBl Stage Select Secret Path.png
Secret Path
1 (technically 5) Lololo & Lalala's Revenge, Kracko's Revenge, King Dedede's Revenge, Giant Masked Dedede All levels Gold+ trophies are needed in all prior stages to unlock this level. Unlike the previous levels, this one must be completed in one long run, with a single score kept for the whole thing. After completion, a second credits sequence is shown.
Trophy criteria of all stages  
Stage Platinum Gold Silver Time Bonus req.
(time left)
1-1 26700 14700 10290 4:20
1-2 30200 18200 12740 4:15
1-3 38000 26000 18200 4:00
1-4 23500 16150 11300 4:30
2-1 45000 33000 23100 3:45
2-2 45300 33300 23310 3:40
2-3 46000 34000 23800 3:45
2-4 35500 28425 19890 3:35
3-1 39700 27700 19390 3:55
3-2 40700 28700 20090 3:40
3-3 40500 28500 19950 3:40
3-4 45200 33200 23240 3:40
3-5 33000 25800 18060 4:00
4-1 51700 39700 27790 3:20
4-2 49100 36200 25340 3:45
4-3 54000 42000 29400 3:35
4-4 47100 33500 23450 3:40
4-5 36500 29450 20610 3:30
5-1 59400 45900 32130 3:20
5-2 65400 53400 37380 3:35
5-3 52300 40300 28210 3:40
5-4 57300 45300 31710 3:35
5-5 50400 43525 30460 2:55
1-1EX 54000 39900 27930 0:55
1-2EX 52800 38300 26810 0:45
1-3EX 54000 35600 24920 0:55
1-4EX 27300 20900 14630 1:20
2-1EX 59400 47400 33180 0:50
2-2EX 59800 46200 32340 0:40
2-3EX 63900 51800 36200 0:45
2-4EX 40700 33375 23360 0:45
3-1EX 55800 43800 30660 0:45
3-2EX 59200 43700 30590 0:45
3-3EX 64000 50400 35280 0:40
3-4EX 57000 45000 31500 0:45
3-5EX 38800 32500 22750 1:00
4-1EX 62000 49600 34720 0:30
4-2EX 64100 49600 34720 0:30
4-3EX 66200 51800 36260 0:30
4-4EX 63000 48400 33880 0:30
4-5EX 42300 36050 25230 0:20
5-1EX 68100 55400 38780 0:50
5-2EX 69900 57900 40530 0:55
5-3EX 67900 55100 38570 1:05
5-4EX 69700 57700 40390 0:40
5-5EX 64600 55900 39130 1:30
Secret 315000 272700 190890 6:00

Differences from Kirby 3D Rumble[edit]

  • 51 stages, with most being much larger in scope
  • New boss fights, including against Kracko Jr. and a giant King Dedede
  • amiibo compatibility, which creates musical statues in a special collection room if a Kirby series amiibo is used
  • Optional EX levels, unlocked by getting Gold or better in every stage of a given normal level
  • When Inhaling a lot of enemies, Kirby becomes very bloated, and releases a Blaster Bullet when firing that is extra-powerful
    • When bloated, Kirby breaks through star blocks by moving onto them
  • Overall combo is no longer kept track of, instead only tracking the number of enemies defeated in each inhale/exhale
  • Overall scoring is different, with different values for various enemies/objects


Due to the lack of Copy Abilities in this title, all of the enemies in Kirby's Blowout Blast are ability-neutral. Some enemies are larger than others, meaning that they take longer to inhale, and when spat out, produce blaster bullets that pass through enemies on their own. Certain enemies cannot be defeated, so they are worth no points:

Enemies in Kirby's Blowout Blast  
Enemy Points Description Notes
100 A pig-nosed black bat that will quickly pursue Kirby when it sees him.
100 A spring-bound ribbon-wearing creature that moves by making high jumps, allowing it to go up staircases.
100 Slowly-flying foes who often move in straight lines, in circles, or chase Kirby down. They are usually seen in groups. Also comes in its Sectonian variety and purple variety.
100 A broom-wielding creature with a witch's hat that sweeps the ground in short bursts of speed, usually traveling back and forth in predictable lines.
100 A mushroom-like creature that can be seen waddling very slowly back and forth. If Kirby attempts to inhale it, he will only get its cap first. Cappy is worth 200 points if it is defeated by inhaling its cap and spitting that at it.
100 A limbless fox-like creature that can leap over pits and walls.
100 A stationary sea anemone-like creature.
N/A An invincible spiky ball that holds position or moves in fixed patterns. Kirby can fire through this enemy using Blaster Bullets.
100 A large yellow bear that will charge Kirby on sight, but does not turn very well, and will recoil off of walls it crashes into. It may also be found asleep. Grizzo always yields a blaster bullet when inhaled and spat out.
100 A brown stone idol that is typically seen moving in circles along the ground.
100 A yellow Waddle Dee-like creature that carries a golden Score Coin. Defeating it grants Kirby the coin, but Key Dee will disappear if not defeated quickly enough.
100 A floating ball wrapped in bandages that cannot be inhaled. It will slowly chase Kirby when he is not looking at it.
100 A large boar-like creature that will rush in straight lines, usually in Kirby's direction, and can hop gaps. Nruff always yields a blaster bullet when inhaled and spat out.
100 Deceptively cute flying creatures that can fly in various patterns. If Kirby tries to inhale one, it will turn into a demon and chase him.
N/A A stationary invulnerable cannon that shoots regular volleys which can harm Kirby. It sometimes can be seen atop a Star Block, which can be broken to send this enemy falling out of the stage. Kirby can fire through this enemy using Blaster Bullets.
100 A wedge-shaped creature that flies through the air, often in groups.
100 Waddle Dees who try to toss spears in arcs at Kirby. These spears leave Recoil Stars when they land. Also comes in its Sectonian variety and purple variety.
100 An amphibious yellow-ish squid that hops out of holes and pits.
100 Hapless creatures who can be seen standing in place, walking in regular patterns, or chasing Kirby. Also comes in its Sectonian variety and purple variety.


Main article: Masher

These large Mid-Bosses appear in small numbers, only in Level 5 and beyond. There are three different varieties, each stronger than the last:

Varieties of Masher  
Enemy Points Description Notes
1500 This weaker blue Masher is only capable of swinging its mace.
2500 This purple Masher is capable of swinging its mace and charging.
3000 This red horned Masher carries a shield, which it can use to defend itself with. It can also create homing shockwaves with its mace strikes.

Unlike in Kirby 3D Rumble, Masher is not inhalable, and bursts as soon as he is defeated.


Unlike Kirby 3D Rumble, this game features boss encounters at the end of each level. These bosses fight in a more elaborate manner than common enemies, and have specific arenas devoted to them. Each boss (excepting Giant Masked Dedede) also has an EX form which is faced in the extra stages. The bosses of Kirby's Blowout Blast are as follows:

Bosses in Kirby's Blowout Blast  
Enemy Location(s) Points Description EX differences Notes
1-4 & 1-4EX 5000 points (6000 EX) A blue raindrop-shaped creature that attacks by pushing emerald boxes and Gordos through doorways. In the latter half of his fight, he may toss these instead of just pushing them. Lololo's Revenge bears a purple body hue and can move more quickly. In his second phase, he uses ruby boxes that leave fire trails as they slide.
2-4 & 2-4EX 8000 points (10000 EX) This juvenile form of Kracko attacks by charging at Kirby and trying to strike him with lighting. In his second phase, Kracko Jr. can unleash a spinning wave beam attack outward from his center. Kracko Jr.'s Revenge moves more quickly than his main game counterpart. His beam attack also has more bars. This marks Kracko Jr.'s first appearance in a 3D Kirby game.
3-5 & 3-5EX
Secret Path
5000 points each (6000 EX) A duo boss that attacks by pushing emerald boxes and Gordos through doorways. In the latter half of their fight, they may toss these instead of just pushing them. Lololo and Lalala's Revenge bear purple and orange body hues and can move more quickly. In their second phase, they use ruby boxes that leave fire trails as they slide.
4-5 & 4-5EX
Secret Path
10000 points (12000 EX) Kracko strikes again in his fully mature form, sporting stronger versions of Kracko Jr.'s attacks, along with a few new ones, including firing volleys of beam blasts and causing a big electric storm. Kracko's Revenge has more complex and difficult-to-dodge attacks overall and moves more quickly.
5-5 & 5-5EX
Secret Path
N/A King Dedede attacks using his familiar move-set, now transferred to a 3-D space. This includes his Super Dedede Jump, Head Slide, hammer swings, and inhale. He is also able to shoot out homing spark attacks from his hammer. He notably does not hover, as he did not have that move in Kirby's Dream Land. King Dedede's Revenge attacks more quickly, often chaining his attacks together or performing them multiple times in succession. King Dedede's Revenge is depicted without his kimono, hearkening back to his older design.
5-5 & 5-5EX 12000 points (14000 EX) This giant form of King Dedede attacks by trying to slam Kirby from above with his hammer and using his inhale. His hammer strikes leaves a lot of recoil stars behind. Giant King Dedede's Revenge can create homing sparks that chase after Kirby with his hammer strikes.
Secret Path 15000 points Giant Masked Dedede has several changes compared to his regular giant counterparts. His mask protects him from regular star bullets, only taking damage from blaster bullets. His mechanical hammer allows him to fire missiles and lasers at Kirby. His inhale also sucks up waves of Gordos that need to be dodged. N/A


  • This was the first expanded Sub-Game to not simply have 'Deluxe' added to the end of its name, instead receiving an entirely new name.
  • When King Dedede is defeated in his EX form, he adopts his shocked expression from Kirby's Dream Land.
    • Additionally, when Dedede is defeated on the Secret Path, he starts crying as he did on the Config mode unlocking screen in Kirby's Dream Land and at the end of Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble.


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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese カービィのすいこみ大作戦だいさくせん
Kābii no Suikomi Daisakusen
Kirby's Inhale Operation
French Kirby's Blowout Blast Kirby's Blowout Blast
German Kirby's Blowout Blast Kirby's Blowout Blast
Italian Kirby's Blowout Blast Kirby's Blowout Blast
Korean 커비의 빨아들이기 대작전
Keobiui ppal-adeul-igi daejagjeon
Kirby's Inhale Operation
Spanish Kirby's Blowout Blast Kirby's Blowout Blast

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