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Welcome to Dream Land, a kingdom famous for peace and quiet.
— Narrator, from the opening cut-scene of Kirby's Epic Yarn
Screenshot from Kirby's Adventure, showing some of the ending narration from that game.

The Narrator is a character or entity who is responsible for telling the story, usually defined as a disembodied voice or source of text. Depending on the story being told, the narrator may be a character within the narrative or an external source of expository information. In the Kirby series, the narrator is often little more than a number of lines of text which appear in cut-scenes in order to explain the proceedings. Kirby games tend to use narration sparingly, if at all, and the text is usually focused specifically on the motives and feelings of the characters without going into too much detail about setting.

Examples by game[edit]

The following Kirby games use narration for the purposes of storytelling. For the sake of brevity, text meant to explain the game rules and mechanics and flavor text such as pause screen descriptions will not be covered here, even if it is written in a narrator-like fashion. Character dialogue within cut-scenes will also not be counted, unless it is accompanied by narration.

Kirby's Adventure / Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land[edit]

The first example of in-game narration in the series occurs in the final cut-scene of Kirby's Adventure. The text here explains Nightmare's motive, as well as justifying King Dedede's actions before wrapping everything up. The text varies somewhat between the original game and the remake; Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land.

Narrator's transcript for Kirby's Adventure and Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land  

Kirby fought to find the Star Rod,
but King DeDeDe did not mean any harm...
Bad Dreams had invaded Dream Land!
A Nightmare came to the Dream Spring
and tried to cause pain to the people!
Dedede foiled the Nightmare
by hiding the Star Rod from him!
Dedede helped Kirby beat the Nightmare!
Now, everyone's dreams will return.
Tonight Dream Land will sleep well!

Our hero Kirby has fought bravely to recover the Star Rod...
but King DeDeDe didn't mean any harm.
He certainly wasn't trying to harm the Fountain of Dreams,[sic]
It all began when the Nightmares appeared in the fountain.
The Nightmares rode the currents of the Fountain of Dreams,
wreaking havoc and tormenting the residents of Dream Land.
When King DeDeDe hid the Star Rod, the power source of the Fountain of Dreams,
he was actually hiding it safely away from the Nightmares.
Borrowing King DeDeDe's power, Kirby managed to defeat the Nightmares.
Now that the Star Rod is returned to the Fountain, everyone's dreams will return.
So fluff up your pillow, and get ready for a good night's sleep...

Kirby Super Star / Kirby Super Star Ultra[edit]

Narration did not appear again within the series until Kirby Super Star. This game features limited narration for some cut-scenes within the game, though all others go completely without narration. Once again, the dialogue differs somewhat between the original game and the remake; Kirby Super Star Ultra.

Narrator's transcript for Kirby Super Star and Kirby Super Star Ultra  
Spring Breeze (opening)

There's trouble in Dream Land!
King Dedede and his soldiers,
have stolen ALL the food in Dream Land!
Here comes our hero, Kirby,riding[sic] in on the spring breeze.
Let the adventure begin.

There's trouble in Dream Land!
King Dedede and his soldiers
have stolen ALL the food in Dream Land!
Here comes our hero, riding in on the spring breeze.
Some call him...

Let the adventure begin!

Milky Way Wishes (opening)

One day, in the year ???, the Sun and Moon fought day and night.
MARX: "Hey, hey, hey."
"Can you make peace between the Sun and Moon?"
"You need to ask the giant comet NOVA for help!"
"But first, there's something we must do."
"To ask NOVA, we must gather power from all the stars around us."
"It will be difficult, Kirby, but you can do it!"
"We are counting on you. Good luck!"

One day, in the year ????, the Sun and Moon began to fight day and night.
MARX: "Hey, hey, hey."
"Can you make peace between the Sun and Moon?"
"You need to ask the giant comet Nova for help!"
"But first, there's something we must do."
"To ask Nova, we must gather power from all the stars around us."
"It will be difficult, Kirby, but you can do it!"
"We are counting on you. Good luck!"

Kirby's Star Stacker (SNES)[edit]

The SNES version of Kirby's Star Stacker features text narration for each of its story mode cut-scenes. However, since the game was formally released only in Japan, no official English version of this narration exists.

Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble[edit]

Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble features an opening cut-scene with narration throughout. Only one additional line of narration is used after this scene, just after King Dedede is defeated at the end of the game.

Narrator's transcript for Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble  

Welcome to Pop Star. It's a very peaceful place...
Little Kirby naps on a cloud. How comfy!
But who is that scurrying by?
It's Waddle Dee! He looks like a very busy guy.
And there goes King Dedede, with something big...
Now what could they be up to?
Kirby jumps on a Warp Star to go find out!
But awaiting him is a Dream Land without its stars...


And so a starry night sky returns to Dream Land.

Kirby & The Amazing Mirror[edit]

Screenshot of the ending narration from Kirby & The Amazing Mirror.

Kirby & The Amazing Mirror has text narration present in both the intro and ending cut-scenes. The dialogue is similar in style and function to that of Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land.

Narrator's transcript for Kirby & The Amazing Mirror  

High above the skies of Dream Land, the mirror world needs help!
A shadowy figure is unleashing chaos on the peaceful world!
Meta Knight flies into the mirror world to protect Dream Land!


And so, Dark Mind was defeated, and his dream of conquering the mirror world was shattered.
Now, at last, peace will return to the mirror world...
But they remain on guard...
After all, who knows when another evil might arise?
Don't worry, though...
Mirror-world Kirby will be there to keep them all safe!

Kirby: Canvas Curse[edit]

Kirby: Canvas Curse features narration for its opening and ending cut-scenes. Uniquely, the narrator specifically refers to the player in both scenes as having taken direct part in the story by wielding the Magical Paintbrush. The ending narration only applies to the main game ending with Kirby, and does not occur for any of the other character endings.

Narrator's transcript for Kirby: Canvas Curse  

Welcome to peaceful Dream Land.
Kirby's on a nice stroll...
Suddenly, the world's colors warp, and a strange witch arises!
Drawing in the air, the witch turns the land into a painting.
Seeing Kirby, the witch flees to the sky, toward a weird vortex.
Kirby gives chase...
Into a world of paintings.
He challenges the witch, but her magic turns him into a ball!
Helpless, Kirby watches the witch escape...
Looking down in shame, he sees the witch's Magical Paintbrush...
Kirby touches the rainbow brush and...
It transports to you on a ray of light!


The witch's true form was an unknown painting.
Over time, the painting transformed... and Drawcia sprung forth.
She wished for a world all of paint...
But Drawcia didn't count on Kirby entering her realm.
Nor did she anticipate you getting the Magical Paintbrush.
The Magical Paintbrush wanted to return life to normal.
It appeared before you and Kirby and drew a portal...
Saddened, Kirby parted from the paintbrush and went in.
Done with its mission, the paintbrush vanished into light.
Kirby awoke in Dream Land.
The land, the sky, and Kirby were all normal.
And a time of peace once again visited Dream Land.
Just then, a grand rainbow appeared.
...A gift from the paintbrush?

Kirby: Squeak Squad[edit]

Kirby: Squeak Squad features five cut-scenes, which each have a set of narration. In all, the game's story is wordy compared to previous entries, with much of the narration focusing on Kirby's desire to recover his lost Strawberry Shortcake slice.

Narrator's transcript for Kirby: Squeak Squad  

Early afternoon in Dream Land,
It's so peaceful even the clouds are drowsy.
And now it's Kirby's favorite time of the day - snack time.
Today's yummy snack is a sweet, fluffy slice of strawberry shortcake!
Time to dig in...
WHOA! The cake Kirby was about to eat has suddenly vanished!
That scrumptious, berry-topped slice of mouth-watering goodness...
No doubt about it! This must be the work of that greedy King Dedede!
Well, there's no time to waste! Gotta get that cake back!
And that's how Kirby's latest fantastic adventure begins...

Prism Plains outtro

What's this? Someone's stolen King Dedede's treasure chest!
Of course, he doesn't know a thing about the strawberry shortcake.
So what's going on? Who's really behind the disappearing shortcake?
Suddenly, a whirlwind appears, bringing a band of big-eared strangers.
Who are these guys? A band of thieves known as the Squeaks!
With treasure chests in tow, they begin to march jauntily away.
King Dedede acts as quick as a wink!
He grabs Kirby and hurls him at the Squeaks!
What a shot! He throws a perfect strike!
The Squeaks teeter and lose their balance.
They all tumble into a deep chasm, taking the treasure with them.
Surely the shortcake is part of the lost loot.
It looks like Kirby's quest isn't over yet!

Ice Island outtro

At last the Squeaks are in sight, and Kirby is closing in...
His precious shortcake is within reach!
What in the world? Meta Knight swoops down and nabs the treasure!
In a flash he sails through the star door, leaving Kirby behind.
The star door will never open up without the 5 star seals.
Kirby carefully places the 5 star seals in the door and...
The lock breaks and the star door opens. Now for the cake!

Secret Sea outtro

Meta Knight has been defeated!
The chest holding the strawberry shortcake is at hand.
Kirby approaches the chest to rescue his delicious snack...
It's the Squeaks! They followed Kirby!
And now they're stealing the treasure chest!
Without hesitation, the Squeaks open the chest.
Oh, Kirby's cake...
But there's no cake in the chest, only a dark, eerie cloud of smoke!
The smoke envelops the Squeaks and disappears into space.
How awful! At this rate the strawberry shortcake will be lost forever.
Kirby must find the cake and solve the mystery of the creepy smoke...
And so, he departs for the stars!


The treasure chest was the prison of Dark Nebula, ruler of the underworld.
Meta Knight knew the secret of the chest.
He fought Kirby to prevent Dark Nebula from being released.
The Squeaks decided to look elsewhere for treasure.
They've left for parts unknown.
It looks like peace will return to the land.
Where did that slice of strawberry shortcake disappear to?
Thoughts of that lost snack fill Kirby's head as he goes home.


A short while later...
A delectable strawberry shortcake arrives for Kirby from the Squeaks.
Perhaps it's an apology for all the trouble they caused.
But Kirby doesn't really care why they sent it. It's snack time!
With shortcake waiting to be munched, Kirby is truly happy at last!

Kirby's Epic Yarn / Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn[edit]

All of the cut-scenes in Kirby's Epic Yarn/Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn have narration provided with a voice-over; a rarity for the Kirby series.

Kirby's Epic Yarn features full narration for every cut-scene in the game. For the first (and so far only) time in the series, the narration is fully voiced, with different narrators depending on the language version as follows:

  • Yuko Tsuga - Japanese
  • Pablo Magaz - Latin American Spanish
  • France Marien - Quebec French
  • Dave White - North American English
  • Paul Vaughan - British English
  • Olivier Deslandes - European French
  • Wolf Kahler - German
  • Massimo Marinoni - Italian
  • Carlos Riera - European Spanish
  • Sun Lee - Korean

Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn features all of the same cut-scenes as the original, with no changes to the dialogue and no additions.

Narrator's transcript for Kirby's Epic Yarn and Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn  

Welcome to Dream Land, a kingdom famous for peace and quiet.
It's the perfect little land... If you like that sort of thing.
Lately, there have been rumors of a caped sorcerer going around turning people into yarn! That's right... Yarn.
One day...
Kirby saw his favorite food, a bright red tomato, on top of a bush.
"Down the hatch!"
But when Kirby tried to eat it, a caped sorcerer appeared! "My name is--"
"Hey! What are you doing?! Stop that!"
"No! That's my magic Metamato!"
Kirby gulped the Metamato right down!
Just then, a white sock around the sorcerer's neck began to glow...
Then it sucked Kirby up!
"This grass feels funny," Kirby thought. "It feels like...pants."
And to Kirby's surprise...
He saw that his entire body was made out of yarn!
Then, he saw a yarn monster chasing a blue yarn boy!
"Somebody help me!"
Kirby tried to swallow the monster up, but the air went right through his body!
Kirby wondered what he should do...
Suddenly, Kirby transformed into a car!
He drove away with the boy and left the monster behind to eat his dust!
Apparently, that strange Metamato gave Kirby the power to seamlessly transform into a car and...who knows what else?

Quilty Square outtro

"Thanks for your help," the blue yarn boy said. "...Not that I needed it."
"I'm Prince Fluff."
"Ever since Yin-Yarn the Sorcerer ripped Patch Land into seven pieces, you just can't go anywhere without running into these horrible--"
But Fluff was interrupted when they were attacked by a huge, three-eyed blob of yarn!
"Ew! Gross! Stop it!"
But before the blob could eat Prince Fluff, Kirby transformed and smashed it to smithereens in a most spectacular fashion!
Among the little blob bits, there was a shimmering piece of spiraling yarn.
"That's it! That's the magic yarn" Fluff exclaimed.
This was what Prince Fluff had been looking for!
Yin-Yarn had stolen the magic yarn from Patch Land.
The yarn weaved its way into the fabric of the kingdom, and stitched two pieces of Patch Land together!
"What about the other pieces...?"
"I've got to find the rest of them!"
Kirby, always happy to help, decided to help his friend recover the missing pieces.
And the two began their journey to stitch Patch Land back together.

Grass Land outtro

"We did it! We got the magic yarn!"
The magic yarn shimmered and spiraled and swirled high into the sky...
The yarn weaved its way into the fabric of the kingdom, and stitched two pieces of Patch Land together!
Grumble, grumble...
Kirby's tummy was growling, so he went searching for food.
"Too bad there aren't any tomatoes up here," he thought.
Suddenly, the tree started rocking back and forth!
Kirby thought it was an earthquake, until...
He saw Prince Fluff shaking the tree!
"THIS is how we get food in Patch Land!"
Kirby tried to hang on for as long as he could...
Which wasn't very long at all.
"Look at all that!" Fluff cried.
Kirby was so angry that he ran after Fluff.
He chased him for so darned long that he forgot all about being hungry.

Hot Land outtro

"We did it! We got the magic yarn!"
The magic yarn shimmered and spiraled and swirled high into the sky...
The yarn weaved its way into the fabric of the kingdom, and stitched two pieces of Patch Land together!
Meanwhile, back in Dream Land...
The Waddle Dees were very busy inside Castle Dedede.
"Let's go! Hup hup!"
"No slacking off!" barked King Dedede.
Just then, the king noticed that one of his Waddle Dees looked a little...
"Uhh... Heheheh!"
That Waddle Dee...was actually one of Yin-Yarn's creations!
"Soon, Dream Land will be wrapped around my knitting needles!" Yin-Yarn cackled.
What sort of plan was he stringing together...?

Treat Land outtro

"We did it! We got the magic yarn!"
The magic yarn shimmered and spiraled and swirled high into the sky...
The yarn weaved its way into the fabric of the kingdom, and stitched two pieces of Patch Land together!
Kirby and Fluff came upon a cake the size of a mountain! It was breathtaking.
Kirby tried to contain himself, but failed.
He dove right in and started gobbling up the cake!
"I declare a cake-eating duel!"
And with that, Prince Fluff jumped into the cake as well.
The two ate and ate and ate.
But they didn't balance their eating very well...
And before they could get down, the cake collapsed with them inside it!
"Eughh... I can't eat another bite!" Prince Fluff moaned as he rubbed his cake-filled belly.
But then, Kirby appeared with a huge cherry in his mouth!
Kirby won the contest...and a looming tummy ache as well.

Water Land outtro

"We did it! We got the magic yarn!"
The magic yarn shimmered and spiraled and swirled high into the sky...
The yarn weaved its way into the fabric of the kingdom, and stitched two pieces of Patch Land together!
Back in Dream Land, it was total chaos over at Castle Dedede.
"What is going on here?!"
It appeared that Yin-Yarn's Waddle Dee impostors had captured all of the real Waddle Dees!
"You can't be mean to my Waddle Dees!"
"Only I can be mean to my Waddle Dees!"
That was when Yin-Yarn's troops decided to show King Dedede who was boss.
"Hey, that tickles!"
"OK, that hurts!"
And in no time, they had King Dedede wrapped up like a birthday present.
"Only one more step and Dream Land will be mine!"
"What an honor to have a king serving me!"
Yin-Yarn's sock began to glow and sucked King Dedede right inside!
"Dream Land will be mine!"
"...Not sure what I'll do with it, but I'll figure something out."
Could no one stop Yin-Yarn from tearing apart the very fabric of Dream Land?

Snow Land outtro

"We did it! We got the magic yarn!"
The magic yarn shimmered and spiraled and swirled high into the sky...
The yarn weaved its way into the fabric of the kingdom, and stitched two pieces of Patch Land together!
Meanwhile, in the sky above Dream Land...
On the Battleship Halberd, Meta Knight had noticed some strange changes in the landscape.
"Patches... And stitching everywhere...?!"
"What monster would do such a thing?!"
Just then, a powerful laugh filled the sky around him.
"What? Who goes there?!"
Yin-Yarn crashed onto the deck and completely ambushed Meta Knight!
"Mind if I sock it to ya?"
And just like that, Meta Knight was gone!
Now Yin-Yarn had Dream Land all to himself!
With Yin-Yarn's victory all sewn up, did this mean the end of Dream Land...?

Space Land outtro

"We did it! We got a piece of the magic yarn!"
The magic yarn shimmered and spiraled and swirled high into the sky...
And Patch Land was stitched back together thanks to Kirby and Prince Fluff!
"Thanks, Kirby!"
"I couldn't have done it without your help!"
Kirby and Prince Fluff jumped for joy, but their celebration was cut short when Meta Knight awoke.
"Kirby, forgive me! I blame the yarn!"
Meta Knight explained to Kirby that Yin-Yarn was taking over Dream Land.
This upset Kirby.
He had no idea how to get back to Dream Land!
"I've got it!" Fluff declared.
Prince Fluff pulled out a sock just like the one Yin-Yarn had stolen from Patch Castle!
Socks always come in pairs, and now that Patch Land was stitched back together, the other sock's magic had been restored!
"Be careful, Kirby!"
"Yin-Yarn is one mean piece of string."
"He'll be fine!"
"After all, I'm going with him!" Fluff said.
And they all set out for Dream Land to button up Yin-Yarn's story once and for all.


With Yin-Yarn's spell broken, Dream Land returned to its normal state of peace and quiet.
"Well, I guess this is good-bye," Fluff said.
It made Kirby sad to see his new friend leave.
"Buck up, Kirby!"
"As long as you have this magic sock, you can visit me anytime!"
"Until then!" Fluff said as he returned to Patch Land.
And that's the story of how Kirby and Prince Fluff defeated Yin-Yarn the Sorcerer and restored peace to Dream Land.
The next day, Kirby fell asleep in some shade.
He dozed happily with wonderful dreams and held the reminder of a dear friend...even though it smelled a bit.

Kirby Mass Attack[edit]

Kirby Mass Attack features six main cut-scenes which each have a set of narration. Unlike previous scenes in Kirby games, the narration text advances only upon player input.

Narrator's transcript for Kirby Mass Attack  
A Bold Start! (opening)

One day, Kirby went exploring in the Popopo Islands, in the south of Popstar.
He was snoozing in a field, napping the day away.
But then dark clouds filled the sky, and a skull-faced fiend descended.
It was Necrodeus, the leader of the Skull Gang.
The Skull Gang wanted to drown light in darkness.
Necrodeus raised his staff and struck Kirby with his mischievous magic.
Necrodeus split Kirby into 10 copies of himself, each having only a fraction of Kirby's greatness!
The fiend was easily able to defeat each of these weaker Kirbys.
Before long, there was only one Kirby left.
Popstar was about to lose its greatest defender...and plunge into darkness forever.
As the last Kirby raised his head, he saw a star shining brightly.
That light was from Kirby's own heroic heart, which had flown to safety.
His heart called out to him!
"Kirby! Follow me! We can fight Necrodeus together!"
So began Kirby's quest to save Popstar--and restore Kirby back to his usual self!
If they could defeat Necrodeus, they could use his magic staff to make everything right!

Dark Shadows (Green Grounds outtro)

The Kirbys flew toward another island on a Warp Star.
The Warp Star was wobbly with so many Kirbys riding it.
Suddenly, Skullys appeared behind the Warp Star!
They were from Necrodeus's Skull Gang, and they were patrolling the islands.
The Skullys chased after the Kirbys and pulled them off the Warp Star, until there was only one left!
Kirby flew toward the next island as fast as he could, leaving the Skullys behind.
But the Skull Gang was still on patrol, so Kirby was sure that he'd cross paths with them soon enough...

Dark Shadows (Green Grounds outtro / 1 Kirby ver.)

Kirby flew toward another island on a Warp Star.
Suddenly, Skullys appeared behind the Warp Star!
They were from Necrodeus's Skull Gang, and they were patrolling the islands.
The Skullys chased after Kirby! Kirby flew toward the next island as fast as he could, leaving the Skullys behind.
But the Skull Gang was still on patrol, so Kirby was sure that he'd cross paths with them soon enough...

Rainbow Treasure (all Rainbow Medals obtained)

Suddenly, the medals began to glow!
Their light grew brighter and brighter, until the medals swirled with rainbow light.
Daroach was right! The rainbow medals were filled with dazzling power!
Kirby held his treasure high, and an intense light shot toward the dark clouds!
The clouds faded away, and an eerie floating island came into view.
There was no doubt about it. It was Necrodeus's realm!

Necro Nebula (Necro Nebula intro)

Horned fiends from the Skull Gang swarmed over the Kirbys and pulled them off the Warp Star, one by one!
Only one of the Kirbys was left as the Warp Star raced toward Necrodeus's island.
And that last hero then bravely entered the shadowy realm...

Necro Nebula (Necro Nebula intro / 1 Kirby ver.)

Horned fiends from the Skull Gang swarmed toward Kirby, but he slipped right by them!
Kirby soared toward Necrodeus's island, then bravely entered the shadowy realm...

Showdown! (Necrodeus boss fight intro)

The Kirbys entered an eerie place where a statue loomed above them in the darkness.
The statue held the magic staff. It was finally in reach!
Suddenly, the staff vanished!
And a lightning bolt struck the statue, scattering the Kirbys everywhere!
The statue was obliterated!
When the Kirbys looked up...
They saw Necrodeus staring back wickedly!
He held the staff! The Kirbys HAD to get it, or they couldn't be restored to one whole Kirby again.
But Necrodeus gulped down the staff!
The Kirbys had only one choice: they would have to defeat Necrodeus!

Kirby among the Stars (ending)

The Kirbys finally defeated Necrodeus--thanks to the heroic heart that had guided them every step of the way!
Necrodeus faded into oblivion, leaving his staff floating in space.
The heroic heart called out to the Kirbys...
"Now! Everyone, grab the staff! Use its magic!"
The Kirbys...became one whole Kirby again!
A Warp Star soared into view and picked up Kirby!
As Kirby flew home, he looked out across the cosmos.
The stars were so beautiful.
Darkness had its place just as much as light, he thought.
For the stars sparkled twice as bright in the dark depths of space!
As Kirby soared onward, he saw Popstar in all its glory!
Popstar had never looked so wonderful. It shone like a brilliant beacon of hope.
Kirby left the darkness of space behind, glad to be home at long last.
- The End -

Kirby: Triple Deluxe[edit]

Screenshot from the ending narration for Kirby: Triple Deluxe.

Most of the cut-scenes in Kirby: Triple Deluxe have no narration, and what dialogue that exists comes directly from the characters. However, the ending scene does feature a small amount of external text narration, which kicks in shortly after Taranza rescues King Dedede from falling.

Narrator's transcript for Kirby: Triple Deluxe  

And so Floralia was saved, thanks to Kirby's heroic efforts.
The People of the Sky had long lived under the cruelties of the evil queen.
In a last-ditch effort to save themselves, they put their hopes and dreams into a seed and sent it to the order to bring Kirby, the hero of Dream Land, to their rescue.
King Dedede was mistaken for Kirby and was kidnapped by Taranza.
But Floralia would be in ruins had he not played his part.
Indeed, the Dreamstalk works in mysterious ways.
When it was over, Kirby looked up at the sky...and saw that the Dreamstalk was in full bloom.
It serves as a reminder of Floralia and a new landmark in Dream Land.

Team Kirby Clash Deluxe[edit]

Team Kirby Clash Deluxe features a number of simple cut-scenes, each peppered with a small amount of text narration. These play at certain milestones in the game, and cannot be revisited unless the game is reset.

Narrator's transcript for Team Kirby Clash Deluxe  

This is a story of a faraway realm from long, long ago... A beautiful, peaceful land called the Dream Kingdom.
Peace, though, can vanish in a flash... Can you defend the Dream Kingdom from a sudden onslaught of enemies? Set forth and do battle, Team Kirby!

Ordeal - Kracko

As Team Kirby explores the Dunes, the sky darkens. Kracko, the creature of cloud, approaches. Challenge the spirit of the rampaging skies in this ordeal!

Ordeal - Kracko (post-fight)

Team Kirby has triumphed in its ordeal. With this, a new path opens to the Ruins, revealing new quests.
New foes have also colonized the Grasslands and the Dunes. With no time to feed their rumbling bellies, the heroes press onward.

Ordeal - Whispy Woods

As Team Kirby adventures deep into the Ruins, the mighty and ancient tree, Whispy Woods, comes into view! Face the second ordeal!

Ordeal - Whispy Woods (post-fight)

Having conquered the second ordeal, Team Kirby now faces even more powerful enemies.
The way to a new region, the Volcano, has become clear. The battles will grow increasingly heated!

Ordeal - Pyribbit

As the heart of the Volcano blazes... out of the bubbling magma leaps the flaming frog, Pyribbit! Battle on... to the third ordeal!

Ordeal - Pyribbit (post-fight)

Journeying through the kingdom, Team Kirby hears whispers of a mage whose spells provoke enemy attacks.
That mage is said to lurk in the Empyrean, where dragons nest. Following the clues, Team Kirby heads for its dizzying heights.

Ordeal - Taranza

As team Kirby continues its treacherous climb, the puppeteer mage at last shows his face. With the creatures he controls, this powerful foe threatens the kingdom. You must defeat him! Go, Team Kirby!

Ordeal - Taranza (post-fight)

Team Kirby vanquished Taranza, but even that did not quiet the enemies rampaging through the kingdom.
The Guardian Angel has reawakened and renewed its attack! At last, Team Kirby's battle for peace in the kingdom reaches its climax!

Ordeal - Landia EX

Landia, the reawakened Guardian Angel, awaits Team Kirby in all its terrible power. Face the raging fire and the howl of the storm! Face the decisive ordeal and restore peace to the kingdom!


Thanks to Team Kirby, peace was finally restored to the Dream Kingdom. But the days of quiet were numbered...
Suddenly, a dimensional rift appeared, revealing an otherworldly invader. Go, Team Kirby! Take up arms and once again fight to save the world!

The Final Battle

The one who summoned the invader from another dimension was none other than Taranza, who plotted while hidden in apparent defeat.
He has summoned the giant mirror as his final weapon, gazing not only upon its shimmering surface but the dark shadows lurking within...

True Ending

And so, the king of darkness--who sprang from the ugliness of the black mirror--has been sealed in a far-off dimension by Team Kirby.
Taranza is now free of the mirror's magic and has returned to normal. Now, at last, peace will return to the Dream Kingdom...
But they remain on guard... After all, who knows when another evil might arise? Don't worry, though... Team Kirby of the Dream Kingdom will be there to keep them all safe!

Super Kirby Clash[edit]

Much like its predecessor, Super Kirby Clash features simple cut-scenes with small amounts of text narration. These play at certain milestones in the game, and (excepting the final scene) cannot be revisited unless the game is reset.

Narrator's transcript for Super Kirby Clash  

Long, long ago, in a faraway realm, there was a beautiful, peaceful land called the Dream Kingdom. One surprising day, Hornhead went on a rampage across the Seaside.
And so it came to pass that Team Kirby set off on an adventure to restore peace to the kingdom...

Ordeal - Ignite Edge

A sword-wielding suit of armor stands in Team Kirby's way as they head through the Dunes. Watch out--this foe carries a flaming sword! Fight through this ordeal!

Ordeal - Ignite Edge (post-fight)

Team Kirby triumphed in its first ordeal, opening a new path to the Ruins and revealing new quests.
With no time to feed their rumbling bellies, the heroes press onward to the Ruins to investigate the mysterious goings-on there.

Ordeal - Parallel Nightmare

Team Kirby's investigations turned up rumors of a strange, caped man. Sensing mischief, the team followed his footprints and arrived at the Ruins on a dark night...

Ordeal - Parallel Nightmare (post-fight)

Team Kirby managed to defeat the caped man. Unfortunately, he fled to the other side of the Volcano...
In pursuit of the caped man, and to protect the kingdom from other rampaging enemies, Team Kirby heads to a new area, the Volcano.

Ordeal - Frost Kibble Blade

A suit of blue armor wielding an ice blade appeared suddenly at the Seaside! Be sure to check your gear before you overcome this ordeal!

Ordeal - Frost Kibble Blade (post-fight)

Team Kirby deftly cleared the third ordeal. But the problem of the ongoing rampages continued.
As they chased rumors of the mysterious caped man who seemed to be involved, Team Kirby continued to fight for the people of the kingdom.

Ordeal - Pyribbit

In the heart of a red-hot Volcano, the frog of flames, Pyribbit, leapt from the roiling magma. Team Kirby faced its fourth ordeal!

Ordeal - Pyribbit (post-fight)

Team Kirby extinguished the frog of flames and cleared their fourth ordeal. They then moved on to the Empyrean, where even more challenging battles awaited.

Ordeal - Taranza

Team Kirby at last discovered the caped man's hiding place in the Empyrean!
They prepared for battle and stormed into his location, but something

Ordeal - Taranza (post-fight)

The caped man that had appeared in the Empyrean wasn't Parallel Nightmare, but the puppeteer magician Taranza!
After Taranza regained his senses, Team Kirby bid him farewell and continued their pursuit of the real caped man behind it all.

Ordeal - Parallel Nightmare (Tougher)

At long last, Team Kirby found the wizard from another world. They moved swiftly to deal with the mastermind that had rained confusion on the kingdom!

Ordeal - Parallel Nightmare (Tougher) (post-fight)

Just as Team Kirby came within reach, Parallel Nightmare disappeared yet again with a wave of his sinister cape!
Team Kirby gave chase to another new area, the Decisive Battlefield, where only the mightiest dared to tread.

Ordeal - King D-Mind

Team Kirby finally caught up with the foul mastermind, Parallel Nightmare, at the Decisive Battlefield, where all things come to an end.
As both sides readied themselves for battle, an uncharacteristic smile crept up around the corner of the villain's mouth. Team Kirby wondered what he was planning...


The king of darkness, King D-Mind, called from another world by Parallel Nightmare, was defeated by the four members of Team Kirby.
Peace had finally returned to the Dream Kingdom.

But those quiet days didn't last... Enemy rampages mysteriously resumed!
Was Parallel Nightmare still somehow behind it? Team Kirby hurried off to his last known location: Castle Village and the Grasslands...

Ordeal - Venom Kracko

A thundercloud of poison rose over the Dunes on an icy-cold night, leaving Team Kirby to dodge their way through the poisonous rain in the ordeal!

Ordeal - Venom Kracko (post-fight)

The toxic airborne event, Venom Kracko, was defeated by Team Kirby and their bonds of courage and friendship.
They found no traces of Parallel Nightmare in the area, though, so Team Kirby moved on in search of clues.

Ordeal - The Final Battle

The wizard from another world, Parallel Nightmare, had given up on ruling the kingdom in favor of exacting revenge on the heroes of Team Kirby.
It was time to bring matters to an end in a final battle, and Super Team Kirby was ready to save the world.

True Ending

Super Team Kirby fought as no one ever had to restore peace to the Dream Kingdom.
They ended the uproar in the kingdom that had been instigated by the vile wizard.
Team Kirby had cornered Parallel Nightmare, but the villain used a dimensional rift to call the ancient hero called "the most powerful in the galaxy."
Their tears having run dry and feeling near defeat, Team Kirby nonetheless dug deep, worked together, and defeated the ancient hero at last.
And, with that, a beautiful crescent moon shining in the night sky, true peace returned to the Dream Kingdom.
And from that day on, we were free to fluff up our pillows and drift off to sleep whenever we wanted...

Kirby Fighters 2[edit]

Kirby Fighters 2 features narration in the Story Mode: The Destined Rivals game mode. These bits of narration are similar to those found in Super Kirby Clash, and (excepting the intro), are shown at the end of chapters.

Narrator's transcript for Story Mode: The Destined Rivals in Kirby Fighters 2  

King Dedede and Meta Knight... Many times before have they stood in Kirby's path, even allying with one another on occasion.

Now, to finally defeat Kirby, the old rivals have become partners, taking on Kirby as a battle team! And so they sent Kirby a challenge.

They lay in wait on the Summit of a lofty tower reaching to the heavens, known as the Buddy Fighters Tower.

Kirby couldn't understand what the letter said.

But that didn't stop him from partnering with a buddy and opening the door to the tower!

So begins Kirby's battle with the destined rivals!

Chapter 1 epilogue

At last, it was time to battle King Dedede and Meta Knight! Or so Kirby thought.

To his surprise, it was Twin Woods waiting at the top!

After defeating Twin Woods, Kirby and his buddy seemed to reach a dead end. Luckily, the defeated Twin Woods dropped a door key leading higher into the tower.

Kirby and his buddy once again began to climb, setting their sights on the Summit where King Dedede and Meta Knight await!

Chapter 2 epilogue

At the moment when King Dedede and Meta Knight appeared to be defeated... they turned out to be impostors!

The "partners" were actually a pair of Waddle Dees who had taken the form of Kirby's rivals.

The real King Dedede and Meta Knight were lying in wait even higher in the tower!

Kirby and his buddy picked up the key that the Waddle Dees dropped and once again began to climb the tower.

Chapter 3 epilogue

Using his buddy's power to drive away the tough foes on each floor, Kirby finally came face-to-face with the real King Dedede and Meta Knight!

But the partnered rivals fled at the last minute...

Their bond had grown deeper through battle. They went to the lofty tower's Summit to keep their power in reserve until Kirby arrived.

With another key in hand, our heroes ventured forth to a showdown with the destined rivals!

Chapter 4 epilogue

At the end of a fierce battle, Kirby and his buddy defeated King Dedede and Meta Knight. The two of them have proven themselves to be the strongest Buddy Fighters!

After a tough fight, the victorious pair was ready to settle down for a nice little snooze.

But suddenly the Buddy Fighters Tower grew to such a height that it seemed to pierce the heavens!

They sensed the presence of the king and knight far above the clouds, radiating a sinister power unlike anything they had felt up to now.

Kirby and his buddy set out once again to climb the heaven-piercing tower, which now has hints of something sinister...

This will truly be the final showdown!

Final Chapter epilogue

At last, the unprecedented battle with Kirby's rivals was over.

The mask that King Dedede used was the Mask of Dark Bonds.

In his eagerness to beat Kirby, King Dedede used the fearsome power of the mask, causing the king and the knight to lose sight of themselves.

Kirby and his buddy used the power of their bond to strike the horrifying mask with the Buddy Star Blaster, shattering it spectacularly.

However, King Dedede and Meta Knight's power was genuine, flowing from their deepened bond. Even without the mask, they would have been worthy opponents.

A stillness fell over the Summit of that tower which pierced the heavens.

The stars of the night sky were so close that they were within arm's reach.

They seemed to celebrate the partners' victory as they went on sparkling, forever and ever...

Games which lack narration[edit]

For the sake of completion, the following list shows each game which either lacks an external narration in cut-scenes, or lacks any sort of cut-scene dialogue whatsoever: