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Merchandise is a catch-all term referring to goods manufactured around a set theme or brand sold by a business to a customer base, usually of a superfluous nature. In the context of this article, the term will refer to any Kirby-licensed product that is external to the games themselves or to related media such as the anime, manga, or novels. Typically, Kirby series merchandise takes the form of clothing, toys, apparel, food, posters, and the like. However, there are also more specialized pieces of merchandise, including a set of high-priced figurines, jewelry, perfume, and appliances such as desk fans.

The following is an overview of merchandise' based on the Kirby series and its characters that has been produced so far by various companies. It should be noted that only official merchandise licensed by Nintendo and HAL Laboratory is listed here; products manufactured and sold without the permission of the copyright holders will not be covered.