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Blizzard is one of the Power Effects in Kirby Star Allies. It is granted by the Ice Ability, Ice Kine (on water surface only), Adeline's painting of Ice Dragon, Daroach's Ice Shot and (Ultra) Ice Laser, and Francisca. Blizzard gives the weapon an icy characteristic, making it freeze Waddle Dees and other common enemies, waterfalls, cool down flaming wood, chains and Fire Blocks and can combine Water to perform the Friend Ability, Icicle Lance.

List of Blizzard-granting allies and abilities[edit]

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The Blizzard Power Effect has an advantage of the following targets:




The Blizzard Power Effect doesn't have any known weaknesses.



  • When a Blizzard-enchanted ally or Kirby attacks Twin-Kracko waterfall, it will fall into the ground.