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Release date(s): North America January 19, 2018
Japan November 30, 2017
Europe November 3, 2017
Australia November 4, 2017

Game InfoBox
Battle Royale Cover.jpg
Cover Art
Developer(s) HAL Laboratory
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Release date(s) North America January 19, 2018
Japan November 30, 2017
Europe November 3, 2017
Australia November 4, 2017
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Game Chronology
<-- Kirby's Blowout Blast Kirby: Star Allies -->
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Kirby: Battle Royale (Japanese: カービィ バトルデラックス! Kirby Battle Deluxe!) is an upcoming action-multiplayer spin-off game for the Nintendo 3DS. It is set to release on November 30th, 2017 in Japan and January 19th, 2018 in North America.


On April 12, 2017, in celebration of Kirby's 25th anniversary, a Nintendo Direct teased about an "upcoming Kirby multiplayer action game for the holidays". Many vocal Kirby fans expected this game to be a sequel/remake to Kirby & the Amazing Mirror. Others predicted a full-fledged, improved version of Kirby Fighters Deluxe. This game was unveiled as Kirby: Battle Royale on September 13, 2017 Nintendo Direct. A Copy Ability Poll was opened up on Kirby sections of the official Japanese, American, and European Nintendo websites.

On September 18, 2017, the official Kirby 25th Anniversary Twitter made a Tweet showcasing 3 new game modes. An article on Kirby Informer translated these modes as "Flag Shoot", "Attack Riders", and "Gather! Apples Catch", respectively.

The Twitter accounts of Kirby 25th Anniversary and Nintendo of Europe released an Interim Report on the Copy Ability Poll. The top 5 Copy Abilities from top to bottom were:

On September 28, 2017, a collage of screenshots of the story mode, Dedede Grand Prix, were revealed. It contained various shots of what is presumably the opening cutscene.

On September 30, 2017 Kirby 25th Anniversary announced that the results of the Copy Ability Poll would be released in November. The official North American Kirby website gave a specific date of November 7, 2017 after the poll ended in all regions. The European Nintendo website stated that the winning Copy Ability would receive a "3DS Home Menu and custom wallpaper" and may be featured in Battle Royale.

On October 3, 2017, the name of the machine first seen in the first Japanese reveal trailer, "Kirby Printer", was revealed.

On October 5, 2017, new gameplay footage of the Parasol and Ninja abilities were Tweeted out. The footage showed a brand new move for the Ninja ability, in which Kirby summons a bomb in the guise of a winding Ninja Kirby toy.

Alternate designs for Copy Abilities we confirmed in a screenshot on a news post Tweet on October 9, 2017.

On October 12, 2017, an overview trailer was uploaded to the Japanese Nintendo official YouTube channel. The overview showcased all 13 Copy Abilities and 10 game modes and gave rules and mechanics of each game mode. The story mode’s premise was given. New alternate Copy Ability designs were shown to be unlocked with ‘’Kirby’’ Amiibo. At the end of the video, where Amiibo functionality and compatibility are showcased, Qbby, another character created by HAL, is given product placement with his Amiibo giving a Qbby hat for the Bomb ability.


The basic premise of Battle Royale pits Kirby against several different clones of himself in various competitive games. There are ten of these in total, though they come in several different varieties. The games are as follows:

(the following titles are directly translated from the Japanese version, and may differ in international releases)

  • Collect! Apple Match - Teams of two Kirbys each battle each-other while trying to collect Apples from Twin Woods and return them to their pens. One of the Kirbys has to pull a lever in order to drop the apples in the pen and get the points.
  • Battle Royale - Kirbys do battle in a basic arena. The last Kirby (or team) standing wins.
  • Treasure Hunting - One of the Kirbys is a ghost, who has to hunt down the other three. If the ghost catches another Kirby, that Kirby becomes the ghost, slowly losing coins while in that form until he can catch someone else.
  • Attack Riders - The Kirbys fight in a 2-D circular arena, trying to steal each-others' tokens. Every now and then, a Wheelie Bike appears in the arena, which one of the Kirbys can mount to run over his rivals.
  • Answer! Action Theater - An arena with a pop quiz built in. Kirbys have to occupy the floor space representing the correct answer, while preventing their rivals from doing the same.
  • Fly! Rocket Race - Kirbys fight for rocket fuel that appears at random in the arena and return them to their respective rockets. Fuel can also be stolen from an enemy rocket space.
  • VS Robo Bonkers -The Kirbys battle a large mechanized version of Bonkers in a 2-D circular arena. Whichever Kirby does the most damage to the boss wins.
  • Smash Hockey - The Kirbys knock a giant hockey puck around in an icy arena. The goal is to strike the puck hard into rival Kirbys to launch them out of the arena.
  • Tossing Train - The Kirbys chase down a train and toss gemstones into its cargo hold. Whoever deposits the most gems is the winner.
  • Flag Shoot - Teams of two Kirbys fight in a classic 2-D arena, where the goal is to toss a ball into the team's flag. The flags can also be carried around by opponents.

Each of these game-modes will feature both local and online multiplayer, making this the first entry in the Kirby series to have full online multiplayer, complete with matchmaking and a global ranking system. There will also be a single player adventure mode which features King Dedede in prominent speaking roles. Known as Dedede Grand Prix, this mode will feature a device called the 'Kirby Printer', which is apparently capable of mass-producing Kirbys with Copy Abilities already equipped. Bandana Waddle Dee appears in this title, and plays on Kirby's team in the single-player mode.

The game also features alternate designs for Copy Abilities. Some of these are unlocked using amiibo.

More information will surface as the release date approaches.

Copy Abilities

The following Copy Abilities have been confirmed to appear in this title:

Several of the abilities appear to be heavily re-worked for a 3-D space, including the Ice ability being able to create icy barriers, and the Tornado ability allowing Kirby to create a torrent that tosses other Kirbys around him into the air.


Video Gallery

9/13 Nintendo Direct Reveal Trailer

9/13 Nintendo Direct Reveal Trailer (JPN)

9/18 First Gameplay Footage of 3 Newly Revealed Game Modes

10/2 Kirby Printer Preview

10/5 Parasol and Ninja Moveset Previews

10/12 Game Overview


  • The title of this game may have been inspired by the 2000 Japanese film Battle Royale.
  • An exploit in the source code of the Copy Ability poll page was found that allowed a theoretically unlimited number of votes to be injected on any Copy Ability without having to wait until the next day. A link to the tally count of each candidate could be found when inspecting the vote button. This link only showed the tally count for the North American poll. Since September 19, 2017, this link now links to a blank Error 404 page and it is assumed that the exploit has been patched.
  • In the story mode, one of the Waddle Dees says, "Hyaa! Kirby multiplied again?!", subtly referencing the instances in which Kirby split in Amazing Mirror and Mass Attack.

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