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Kirby's Pupupu Market

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KPN Pupupu Market.jpg
Official market banner

Kirby's Pupupu Market is a store located within three Kiddy Land toy stores, one in Umeda, Osaka, one in Harajuku, Tokyo, and one in Shinsaibashi, Osaka. All three stores offer a large variety of Kirby merchandise, which is updated seasonally to include new limited-time items. Currently, a large amount of merchandise celebrating Kirby's 30th anniversary is in stock.


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List of Kirby Portal events relating to the Kirby's Pupupu Market
Post date Image Description Start date End date
2020.11.20 KPN Pupupu Market.jpg The first Kirby's Pupupu Market opens up in Umeda. 2020.12.03 None
2021.03.26 KPN Pupupu Market Harajuku.jpg The second Kirby's Pupupu Market opens up in Kiddy Land Harajuku. 2021.04.16 None
2021.03.29 KPN KIRBY Mystic Perfume Fair.jpg A "KIRBY Mystic Perfume Fair" is held at various Animate and the Pupupu Market stores, featuring perfume-themed goods. 2021.04.28 2021.05.16
2021.09.06 KPN Comic Panic.jpg A "Comic Panic" event is held at Ito-Yokado physical and online stores, and at the Pupupu Markets. New comic-themed goods are available for a limited time. 2021.09.18 While supplies last(?)
2021.10.01 KPN Comic Panic 2.jpg The "Kirby's Comic Panic" fair is held at four Kiddy Land stores, both Pupupu Markets, and Yamashiroya Ueno. Comic Panic-themed goods are available. 2021.10.09 2021.10.31
2022.02.25 KPN Horaguchi Ohzu artworks.jpg Kayo Horaguchi and Makoto Ohzu create new Kirby artworks that will be used on products available at stores including the Pupupu Markets. 2022.02.25 None
2022.04.19 KPN Pupupu Market stickers.jpg My Nintendo account holders can receive free stickers at Pupupu Market stores. 2022.04.19(?) While supplies last
2022.08.01 KPN Pupupu Market.jpg A summer campaign will be held at the Kirby's Pupupu Market, featuring new merchandise. 2022.08.10 2022.09.04
2022.10.28 KPN 30th Anniversary Special Shop.jpg A "Special Shop" commemorating Kirby's 30 Anniversary will open up in the Ichiban Plaza at Tokyo Station, as well as in the Pupupu Markets. 2022.11.11 2022.11.24
2024.01.19 KPN Kirby Happy Morning.jpg The "Kirby Happy Morning" campaign will be held at various stores across Japan, including the Pupupu Markets. This campaign includes new limited-time merchandise and artworks centered around the morning. 2024.02.09 While supplies last
2024.02.16 KPN Pupupu Market Shinsaibashi.jpg The third Pupupu Market location opens up in Shinsaibashi. 2024.03.06 None


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