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Glitches in Kirby's Dream Land

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Listed below are the glitches in Kirby's Dream Land. Please read the Glitch Disclaimer Notes before attempting any of the glitches on this page.

List of glitches[edit]


If Kirby is on his last bar of health and is hit just before touching a healing item, such as a Maxim Tomato, he will be healed, then still defeated. As an extra point, when he respawns, he may be unable to walk normally until he inhales something.

Infinite curry[edit]

If Kirby is defeated at the exact moment that he picks up a Superspicy Curry, he will respawn with the curry's power still in effect. It will remain on him until the stage ends, he enters water, or he is defeated again.

Inhale sliding[edit]

It is possible in some instances for Kirby to move ever so slowly forward while inhaling.

Item storage[edit]

For items that are meant to be exhaled, such as the Mike or the Bomb, if Kirby inhales a separate object, then swallows it just as he picks up the item, he will get that item while still being in a neutral state. Kirby can then spit that item out after flying, when he was meant to shoot out an Air Pellet. The item in question will not follow Kirby through doors and the like.


Kirby attempts to battle Kabula without the full effect of the Mint Leaf.

Just prior to the fight with Kabula, Kirby is supposed to pick up a Mint Leaf in order to fly about and fire Air Pellets continuously at her. However, if Kirby inhales an enemy, then spits it out just as he is picking up the leaf, he will not get the full effect of the powerup. Instead of puffing up, he will fly about as his usual size, frozen in his jump animation. Attempting to fire a pellet will only result in Kirby inhaling, which does nothing to Kabula or her bullets. It's possible, however to escape this glitch by just simply pressing the up button, which will inflate Kirby and put him back to a Mint Leaf state.

Overhead pit[edit]

At the end of the Kabula fight, if Kirby is occupying the very top side and corners of the screen, he will be dragged off screen when it scrolls to the cloud floor below, causing him to be defeated by a bottomless pit.

Star Block clipping[edit]

If Kirby is in an area where Spikes and some Star Blocks are close together, Kirby can get hit by the spike, and his recoil will cause him to slip into the star block and occupy the same space as it.

Stuck Sparkling Star[edit]

In the Kracko fight, if Kirby defeats Kracko at the lowest ebb of his dive attack, the Sparkling Star he drops ends up in the floor. It may seem like Kirby cannot get it now, but if he crouches, he can still reach it.

Stuck State Kirby[edit]

If Kirby changes his animation state, such as compressing when he hits a wall or ceiling, he can keep that look as long as the player keeps mashing left and right on the D-pad.

Superspicy inhale[edit]

In the Bubbly Clouds stage when Kirby falls down the waterfall it is possible to inhale the Superspicy Curry while in mid fall. This will make it play the inhale sound on infinitely. This will stop when Kirby uses the Fire move.

Underwater Curry[edit]

In the Float Islands stage, it is possible to eat a Superspicy Curry and then be able to use it underwater (where normally the effects would immediately wear off). To do this, Kirby has to begin inhaling the curry, then fall into the water before it enters his mouth. Kirby can fire underwater, but the fire will not travel after leaving his mouth. If he leaves the water, then re-enters it, the curry's effects will instantly wear off as usual.

Underwater On Land[edit]

In the last area of Bubbly Clouds, on the far left where the secret area can be accessed, if the player mashes left and right on the Control Pad near where the water meets the ground, Kirby enters the swimming state while actually being on land.

Wrong Side Kabula Fight[edit]

Kirby facing the wrong side after inhaling the Mint Leaf from the right.

If Kirby eats the Mint Leaf prior to the Kabula fight from the other side, he will fly into the battle backwards, and fire backwards. This can be immediately corrected if Kirby moves left afterward. It is debatable whether or not this is a glitch, or an intended consequence.