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Booler KDL artwork.png
Artwork from Kirby's Dream Land
Debut Game Kirby's Dream Land
Latest Game Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble
Other Game(s) Kirby's Pinball Land
Similar Entities Gaspar
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Booler is an enemy from Kirby's Dream Land, appearing only in the Castle Lololo stage. It resembles a Boo from the Mario series, though it does not behave similarly. It will fly about the stage in various patterns, either going in straight lines, circles, bounces, or will chase Kirby.

In Extra Game, Booler is replaced by Gaspar.

Booler also appears as an obstacle on the Kracko stage of Kirby's Pinball Land. It flies around a Gordo and is worth 360 points when hit. Hitting them is necessary to call a Warp Star on that floor.

Booler reappears in Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble, appearing in some boss stages. It will try to pursue Kirby when provoked, and will need to be lured away from the areas it guards in order to progress.