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KDL Blopper artwork.png
Artwork of Blopper from Kirby's Dream Land, showing the enemy's true form.
First game Kirby's Dream Land (1992)
Latest game Kirby's Pinball Land (1993, in likeness)
Similar entities Cappy, Poison Mash
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This article is about the Cappy-like enemy from Kirby's Dream Land, and should not be confused with Blipper.

Blopper is an enemy found only in the Extra Game of Kirby's Dream Land. It appears in the same places that are occupied by Cappys in the normal game.


Blopper is a dark blue, bean-shaped blob with a pair of oval, black eyes, a permanently opened mouth and red cheeks. In most locations where it is encountered, the enemy is initially disguised as a cupcake, a ring of bright frosting surrounding it and covering its face, as well as making the tip of its head appear like a berry adorning the top of the supposed cake. In this state, the Blopper slowly bounces back and forth, launching frosting to both sides at a fast rate, which can harm Kirby if he touches it. While touching the Blopper or spitting something at it defeats it instantly, attempting to inhale it only results in Kirby inhaling its disguise, unmasking the foe. Exposed, the Blopper bounces faster, but cannot attack with icing anymore.

Game appearances[edit]

Kirby's Dream Land[edit]

Blopper debuts in this game, where they are worth 200 points when inhaled after being unmasked or 400 when defeated in any other way, while inhaling their disguise awards Kirby 200 points.

In the first section of the Green Greens stage, two Bloppers can be found that neither move nor attack. Unlike other Bloppers, these can be inhaled in one piece.

Kirby's Pinball Land[edit]

Blopper's default in-game sprite from Kirby's Dream Land is recycled for the bonus game in Kracko Land as an actual cake. A multiplier is earned whenever Kirby eats the cake.



Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ブロッパー