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KDL Hurly artwork.png
Artwork of Hurly from Kirby's Dream Land.
First game Kirby's Dream Land (1992)
Latest game Kirby's Pinball Land (1993)
Similar entities Chuckie
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Hurly is an enemy from Kirby's Dream Land, found only in the Castle Lololo stage. It is found only in Extra Game - replacing Chuckie - and behaves in much the same way, though dealing two points of damage instead of just one.

Hurly pops out of ? blocks in the halls of the castle, falling out and off the screen, hurting Kirby if he makes contact. These ? blocks will continuously pop out Hurlys, and never run out, no matter how many Kirby eats.

In Kirby's Pinball Land, Hurly appears in the Kracko Land stage, transforming from Chuckie whenever Mr. Shine comes out. It bounces about in a higher arc than Chuckie, and is worth 2000 points when hit. When hit three times, it transforms into a Maxim Tomato.


  • In the in-game Extra Game ending and the Nintendo Power coverage for Kirby's Dream Land, the names of Hurly and Chuckie are swapped. This does not occur in other material.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ハーリー