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Official artwork of Kirby performing the Slide maneuver.

A Slide (otherwise known as Slide Kick or Sliding Kick) is an attack that Kirby can perform in most games in the Kirby series.


To perform the attack, the player must press the jump button while Kirby is ducking. This causes Kirby to slide a considerable distance forward (depending on the terrain) with his feet out front. If he hits an enemy that isn't invulnerable to it, he will deal damage to that enemy and bounce off. This can be done anywhere out of the water, and requires no Copy Ability to use. In addition to its offensive capability, Kirby can use a Slide to dodge an attack, or just move quickly forward.

Slide can be used in some titles to break barricades of Star Blocks or cracked stone blocks that lie under Kirby's feet, making it a quicker method of destroying such blocks than attempting to Inhale them. Sliding works on most standard enemies, but has no effect generally on Bosses or Mid-Bosses.

Starting with Kirby's Return to Dream Land, Kirby and his friends can also perform this move while holding an item, making it their only attack option whilst doing so.

Game appearances[edit]

The Slide can be performed in the following games: