Quick Fall

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Quick Fall (also known as Fast Fall) is a technique that Kirby and other playable characters can perform in most games in the main Kirby series.


Much like dashing, Quick Fall is activated by the player tapping quickly on the D-pad or analog stick - though down rather than left or right - while Kirby is in mid-air. Performed successfully, Kirby will accelerate his falling, and automatically pass through soft platforms. In later entries in the series, this will also automatically cause Kirby to release an Air Bullet before falling if he is puffed up.

Once a Quick Fall is started, it cannot return to a normal speed fall. To stop quick-falling, Kirby will either need to hit hard ground, puff up again, or perform some other action, such as an attack.

In the Super Smash Bros. series

Quick Falling is directly translated to this series, and all fighters can perform it, with some having quicker falls than others. Like in the Kirby series, this allows fighters to pass through soft platforms, and can only be undone in the air by performing another jump, or recovery move. The main purpose of quick-falling is to avoid attacks, or get into position faster, but careless use offstage can easily cause a self-destruct. Ledges cannot be grabbed while fast-falling.