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KPR Kirby Headbutt clip.png
From Kirby: Planet Robobot

Headbutt (also called Head Thrust) is a technique that Kirby can perform in many main series Kirby titles. To perform this technique, all Kirby has to do is jump, and then hit his head on something. This will allow him to break Star Blocks above him, and in certain instances, can also damage enemies. He is unable to use a headbutt while he has something in his mouth.

To damage enemies with this maneuver, Kirby will need to be very close to them when he initiates the jump. Done correctly, it will knock them back and deal them damage similar to that of an Air Bullet. This move can be dangerous, as performing it too late or against certain enemies like Gordos will instead result in Kirby getting hurt.


  • In Kirby: Squeak Squad, if Kirby performs a headbutt while in possession of the Parasol ability, the parasol will be squished momentarily against the ceiling in question.