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This article is about one of Kirby's main moves. For the copy ability, see Hi-Jump. For the Sub-Game in Kirby's Dream Land 3, see Jumping. For the Sub-Game in Kirby: Canvas Curse, see Dash! Jump!.
Artwork of Kirby jumping in Kirby's Epic Yarn

KSS Kirby Jump.pngA Jump refers to the action of forcefully leaving the ground, and traveling through the air for a short time before falling back down or initiating a Hover or another move. Jumping is an essential action for any platforming video game, and as such, is no stranger to the Kirby series.

When Kirby jumps, he makes a considerable distance off the ground, and is able to maintain his speed moving forward, or change direction mid-jump in order to avoid bottomless pits, climb cliffs, or get around other obstacles. While in the air, attempting to jump again will typically result in Kirby puffing up and hovering, which will allow him to stay in the air and move higher, albeit more slowly. When Kirby jumps, his momentum can sometimes be used as a weapon, as he Headbutts enemies directly above him.

Some Copy Abilities can enhance Kirby's jump, most notably the Hi-Jump ability, which in more recent iterations, also allows Kirby to jump in mid-air. With most other abilities, jumping is a necessary prerequisite in order to perform certain aerial moves.

Aside from Kirby, many playable characters and enemies are also capable of jumping, with some able to jump quite a bit higher than the pink puffball. One of the most famous examples of this is King Dedede's 'Super Dedede Jump', which can send him rocketing all the way to the top of the screen, then back down.


  • Kirby's jumps are measured by multiples of his own height. In Kirby Super Star, this was fixed at 3.2 'Kirbies' high, but in more recent titles, Kirby can jump as high as 4.3 Kirbies.
  • Kirby is not able to jump in all his adventures. Examples include all of the touch-based Kirby titles, where the DS or Wii U stylus are necessary to get Kirby moving.
  • Some characters, such as Helpers and Bandana Waddle Dee are capable of jumping numerous times in the air, in a technique called Infinity Jump. They are given this ability in order to keep up with Kirby.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Saltar Jump