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A Dodge is the act of avoiding taking damage through a special maneuver that grants the dodger temporary intangibility. It is distinct from Guarding in that a guarding entity is still hit, even if the damage is mitigated or nullified.

The ability for Kirby to dodge debuted in Kirby: Triple Deluxe, and has persisted in every main series Kirby title since. It is performed by the player pressing a direction on the + Control Pad (or Circle Pad) while Kirby is Guarding (or just activating a Guard in mid-air). This will cause him to either roll in a certain direction, dodge in place, or dodge in mid-air depending on where he is and which direction was pressed. When rolling, Kirby will move a small amount in the specified direction. When air-dodging, Kirby will not fall until the dodge concludes.

Dodging causes Kirby to be intangible for a short moment (less than a second), which will allow him to avoid attacks that even a Guard could not stop. He is left vulnerable for a short while after the dodge finishes however, so timing is essential.

In Kirby Fighters (and Deluxe), Team Kirby Clash (and its expanded releases) and Kirby Star Allies, doing a rolling dodge will cause the fighter Kirby to move a much greater distance than in the main series, making it match up more closely with the Super Smash Bros. dodge.

In Super Smash Bros.[edit]

The act of dodging out of Shield has been a crucial technique in every game in the series, with side-stepping and air-dodging introduced in Melee. Much like in the Kirby series, fighters are intangible for a short period of time while they dodge, and vulnerable for a short time in-between dodges. The dodging techniques introduced in Triple Deluxe were taken directly from the Smash Bros. series.