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Bluster is one of the Power Effects in Kirby Star Allies. This Power Effect is granted by the Wing and Cleaning abilities, Coo and Magolor's Magolor Surge. Bluster gives the weapon a windy characteristic, making it to sweep away fallen leaves, put out flames, some of the moves can go up into the air, and combine the Fire ability to perform the Friend Ability, Rising Sizzler.

List of Bluster-granting allies and abilities[edit]

Bluster-granting allies and abilities in Kirby Star Allies  
Ally Move(s)
Any Bluster-enchanted ally Any attack involving the enchanted weapon
Wing Kirby & Birdon Any attack involving wind
Cleaning Kirby & Broom Hatter Any attack involving wind
Magolor Magolor Surge
Rick & Kine & Coo Parasol Coo, Cutter Coo





This Power Effect doesn't have many known weaknesses.