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Title screen of Kirby's Toy Box - Ball Rally

Kirby no Omocha Bako (カービィのおもちゃ箱), literally Kirby's Toy Box, is a collection of 10 Kirby-themed mini-games that were broadcast on the Satellaview service of the Super Famicom in Japan, starting on February 8, 1996[1] (the two sub-games from Kirby Super Star starting on February 22, 1996[2]).

The eight original games are ball-related, such as Baseball which involves a simple game of baseball, except that Kirby substituted for the ball. The demos of Samurai Kirby and Megaton Punch were to promote the to-be-released Kirby Super Star back then.


Japanese title English translation Description
ベースボール Baseball A baseball game.
星くずし Star Breaker A Breakout-style game with stars as blocks instead.
アレンジボール Arrange Ball
ぐるぐるボール Guru Guru Ball
パチンコ Pachinko Based on the eponymous arcade game in Japan.
ピンボール Pinball A pinball game.
ボールラリー Ball Rally
キャノンボール Cannonball
刹那の見斬りお試し版 Samurai Kirby demo A port of the eponymous sub-game from Kirby Super Star.
かちわりメガトンパンチお試し版 Megaton Punch demo A port of the eponymous sub-game from Kirby Super Star.


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