Kirby's Toy Box

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Title screen

Kirby no Omocha Bako (カービィのおもちゃ箱), literally Kirby's Toy Box, is a series of eight Kirby-themed sub-games that were only broadcast from Satellaview in Japan, starting on February 8, 1996[1] up until the service's discontinuation in 2000. Each game has a mini-game selection menu based on the iconic corkboard menu from Kirby Super Star. Every game was ball-related, such as Kirby no Omocha Hako Baseball which involved a simple game of baseball, except that Kirby substituted for the ball.


The corkboard sub-game menu
Japanese title English translation
カービィのおもちゃ箱 ベースボール Kirby's Toy Box - Baseball
カービィのおもちゃ箱 星くずし Kirby's Toy Box - Hoshi Kuzushi
カービィのおもちゃ箱 アレンジボール Kirby's Toy Box - Arrange Ball
カービィのおもちゃ箱 ぐるぐるボール Kirby's Toy Box - Guru Guru Ball
カービィのおもちゃ箱 パチンコ Kirby's Toy Box - Pachinko
カービィのおもちゃ箱 ピンボール Kirby's Toy Box - Pinball
カービィのおもちゃ箱 ボールラリー Kirby's Toy Box - Ball Rally
カービィのおもちゃ箱 キャノンボール Kirby's Toy Box - Cannonball