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It's Kirby Time: The Gift of a Star

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It's Kirby Time: The Gift of a Star
Itsudemo Kirby 2 Present of the Stars cover.jpg
Cover art for It's Kirby Time: The Gift of a Star
Book # 2
Video # 5
Release date December 6th, 2019
Video release December 16th, 2022
Illustrator Rurutea
Book order
Sweet Dreams, Kirby Take Courage
Video order
Together with Kirby A Hug from Kirby
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It's time again for the yearly Christmas party in Dream Land, but they've hit a snag with their preparations. That's when Kirby spots a mysterious shooting star and gets an idea! Spend a moment with Kirby and his friends through a heart-warming winter's day with a beautiful snowy backdrop.
— Official English YouTube adaptation description

It's Kirby Time: The Gift of a Star is the second book of the It's Kirby Time series. It was published by Shogakukan in Japan on December 6th, 2019[1] alongside Sweet Dreams, Kirby. A video adaptation was released on December 16th, 2022, available in several languages.

In this story, Kirby and company are decorating a tree for Christmas, but are missing a star to put on top. Kirby finds a shooting star and tries to bring it back, but fumbles and smashes it to pieces by accident. He and his friends then work to put it back together again, piece-by-piece.


Characters of "It's Kirby Time: The Gift of a Star"  
Main characters
Minor characters & cameos
IKT2 Kracko Illustration.png
Kracko (cameo)

Plot synopsis[edit]

It is Christmas time in Dream Land, and its residents are decorating the tree. However, they notice that they're missing the star, and King Dedede decides that it will have to do without one. Kirby wonders how he can cheer his friends up when, suddenly, a colorful star falls from the sky into the forest. Kirby searches for it and finds it. Excited to bring it to the rest, he runs home. As he arrives, he fumbles and drops the star, shattering it into tiny pieces. Moved and sorry for Kirby, King Dedede cheers him up by offering to put the star back together. Despite looking different, the star shines brightly, and they celebrate Christmas with the star atop the tree. After the celebration is over, the star returns to the sky.

Author notes[edit]

Comments by Asami Taniguchi
Description Unofficial translation
打ち合せの時に「星」の色彩をどうするか....という話になって、るるてあ先生におまかせする ことになったのですが.....
It's a story of Christmas in Dream Land.
(Secret Talk)
During the planning meeting, we discussed about the colors of the star... We talked and decided to leave it to Sensei Rurutea...
When I looked at the finished complete drawing, and saw the shining rainbow-colored star which had been imbued with life by the hands of Sensei Rurutea... I was deeply moved.
Please come feel and see the sparkling star!


  • This is the only book in the It's Kirby Time series that received a video adaptation prior to 2022, a Japanese-language video previously on Shogakukan's CIAO YouTube channel but no longer available (except through a Wayback Machine snapshot). This video version is from January 24, 2020, and features the same music but a different narration from Makiko Ohmoto.
  • The Christmas tree features several recurring elements as decorations, such as Invincible Candy, a Maxim Tomato, and Kracko.
  • Several Pop Flowers appear throughout the book. While some take on their appearance from Fine Fields, others borrow their design from White Wafers.
  • The star bears similarities to the star beads from Kirby's Epic Yarn (and the Crystal Shards when shattered).




English video adaptation

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 星の贈りもの
Hoshi no okurimono
Present of the Stars
Dutch De kerstster The Christmas Star
Canadian French Un cadeau tombé du ciel A gift fallen from the sky
European French Un Cadeau tombé du ciel A gift fallen from the sky
German Das Sterngeschenk The star gift
Italian La stella The Star
Korean 별이 준 선 물
byeol-i jun seon mul
A gift from the stars
Brazilian Portuguese O presente de uma estrela The gift of a star
European Portuguese Um presente caído do céu A gift fallen from the sky
Latin American Spanish El regalo de una estrella The gift of a star
European Spanish Un regalo caído del cielo A gift fallen from the sky