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The following is a list of mysteries in the Kirby series. More specifically, this list covers details related to characters, story, and other elements that have not been confirmed or denied by HAL Laboratory, and may be widely speculated on by fans of the series. This list does not include speculation on canon or on chronology (such as series timelines):



  • To this day, none of the major characters (and by extension most characters in general) have had their origins explained clearly (if at all). It is not even known if most characters in the Kirby series are born in the biological sense or if they just pop into existence at some point.
  • It is still not clear why most creatures (on Popstar in particular) tend to be hostile toward Kirby and his friends.


  • Much of Kirby's anatomy remains a mystery, particularly his inner workings.
  • It is still not known precisely what happens to enemies and objects that Kirby inhales, nor where they go when he swallows them. On several occasions, HAL Laboratory has played up this mystery.
  • Kirby has been described as a being 'possessing infinite power', and yet it is still possible for him to be defeated or to starve. How exactly Kirby harnesses this power is still unknown.

Meta Knight

  • Meta Knight has long been suspected to be the same species as Kirby, due to similarities in appearance when unmasked. However, despite evidence in favor of this conclusion, no official statement has been released regarding Meta Knight's precise relation to Kirby.
  • It is still not clear exactly what relationship Meta Knight and his Meta-Knights have with Dream Land, in terms of whether they consider themselves to be part of Dream Land or not. It is implied that they are either a separate political entity who once intended to take over Dream Land or they are merely an occasionally rebellious faction of Dream Land.

King Dedede

  • King Dedede has a retinue of Waddle Dees and other creatures who are loyal to him. Precisely how he acquired this loyalty is still unknown.

Other characters

  • In several instances, an ancient interstellar race is mentioned by characters (often villains) throughout the series. These ancients were said to have left behind many of the more powerful artifacts in the series, though their appearance, motive, and fate are still unknown.
  • Though generally described as an incarnation of negativity, the precise nature of Dark Matter and its relatives is still poorly understood. This is confounded further by Void Termina and its various forms, with pause captions describing how it is awaiting rebirth as a benign being similar to Kirby.
  • The nature and motives of both Galacta Knight and Morpho Knight are almost completely unknown.
  • The true nature and purpose of the recurring Butterfly is completely unknown.

Locations and Objects


  • The precise nature of Kirby's universe is still not understood.

Planet Popstar

  • Popstar is often described as a font of great energy, which often makes it a target of interstellar invaders. How exactly this energy manifests or originates is still unclear.
  • Popstar's shape and appearance from space does not match its appearance near the surface, for reasons still unanswered.
  • Popstar is riddled with ruins of all sorts, the builders of which are still not accounted for.


  • Halcandra is generally depicted as a ruined planet once occupied by great civilizations. It is unclear what led to Halcandra's current state.

Warp Stars

  • It has never quite been explained what Warp Stars are or how they function.


Kirby's Dream Land

  • King Dedede is said to have stolen the Sparkling Stars in addition to all of the food in Dream Land, thus robbing the kingdom of its 'power'. Precisely what the Sparkling Stars are or how they function is still unclear.

Kirby's Adventure/Nightmare in Dream Land

Kirby & The Amazing Mirror

  • It is not entirely clear where the Kirby clones went after Dark Mind was defeated.

Kirby's Return to Dream Land

  • It is uncertain what precisely happened to Magolor after he was defeated, though it is generally understood that he survived and reformed into a friend of Kirby's.

Kirby: Planet Robobot

  • Pause captions explain that Star Dream was an 'unfinished' relic, left without a full heart. What exactly this implies is uncertain.

Kirby Star Allies


It should be noted that this list is not meant to be exhaustive, and will not attempt to account for every discrepancy in the series. It is only meant as a broader outline of mysteries that are specifically highlighted in-game as an effort to expand the lore of the series. As such, it is also not the intent of this list to find answers to these mysteries, and as such, there will be no attempt here to craft or propagate theories.