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Battle Royale (Kirby's Dream Buffet)

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Single Battle Royale on the menu in Kirby's Dream Buffet.
This article is about the game mode in Kirby's Dream Buffet, and should not be confused with Kirby Battle Royale.
A bite-sized battle royale held on top of a tasty main course. Eat Copy Foods, and use them to turn the tables on your foes!
— Menu description for Single Battle Royale in Kirby's Dream Buffet

Battle Royale is one of the three main game modes in Kirby's Dream Buffet. In this mode, the Kirbys compete atop a "main course" arena where the goal is to collect strawberries and steal them from rivals by knocking them off the board using Copy Food Abilities.


A battle occurring on the Sheet Cake stage.

Battles Royale form a portion of the Gourmet Grand Prix mode, serving as the final event. Alternatively, they can be played individually in the Single Battle Royale mode. There are a few differences between Single Battle Royale and those in Gourmet Grand Prix, mainly that overtime events can only happen in the Gourmet Grand Prix mode. The player can earn a Character Treat when playing the Single Battle Royale Mode, but results bonuses can only occur in Gourmet Grand Prix.

In Battle Royale games, the objective is to have the most strawberries by the end, and this can be done a number of different ways, but unlike in the other game modes, players can steal strawberries from each other by knocking their rivals off of the board. The most effective way to do this is to use an offensive Copy Food Ability such as Needle, Stone, Wheel, Burning, Drill, or Tornado. Jelly also makes an appearance here, and can be used to evade rival attacks. To obtain these abilities, the Kirbys can pick them up by opening up the Food Boxes that appear, or by receiving them from the Mix that happens when they return to the stage after being "defeated".

During the match, large numbers of strawberries will continually appear around the board, becoming more numerous as time goes on, particularly toward the end. Food Boxes also appear regularly in designated places, though they are more likely to appear in places where the Kirbys are concentrated. At regular intervals, the Server Hands will intervene to spice up the game, with one of three actions:

  • A strawberry basket may be held aloft which can be hit to cause it to drop large numbers of strawberries. The basket will naturally gravitate toward the player in last place.
  • One of the hands might try to go after Kirbys using a pair of tongs. If a Kirby is grabbed, he will be taken away and "defeated", losing strawberries in the process. The tongs gravitate toward the contestants in the lead, and can grab them out of defensive abilities like Stone or Needle.
  • One of the hands may use the Dream Fork to stab into the arena and take a piece away. If a Kirby is on the piece when it is lifted out, he will be defeated. Which pieces get taken depends on the stage being played.

Each Battle Royale runs for 1:10. During Gourmet Grand Prix, however, it is possible for the match to go into "overtime", adding an additional 15 seconds at the end and extending the hectic endgame scenario.


Battle Royale stages are chosen automatically by the game when playing Gourmet Grand Prix or Single Battle Royale, though the player has a good chance of seeing every course and variant if they play continuously without too many repeats. The stages are as follows:

Stage No. of variants Unlock criteria Description  
3 Unlocked at Rank 19 A battle arena resembling the top of a hot barbeque grill covered in hamburger patties, hot dogs, and various veggies typically associated with American-style cuisine.
3 Unlocked at Rank 42 A battle arena made up of various rectangular popsicles and/or ice cream sandwiches, sometimes set at different heights. The fruity popsicle platforms act as slippery surfaces.
1 Unlocked at Rank 50 A battle arena consisting of three large platforms connected laterally by bridges. The center platform is a cake resembling Magolor, while the ones on the side resemble large gears that turn slowly.
3 Available at start A battle arena consisting of two large pudding cups connected by bridges made of citrus slices and/or wafers.
3 Available at start A battle arena set on a table and constructed of various sandwiches, along with condiments and other American fast food fare.
3 Available at start A battle arena with a rectangular layout made of pieces of sheet cake which can move independently of one another.
1 Unlocked at Rank 33 A battle arena consisting of a large rectangular space where a cake version of Whispy Woods resides. Bumping Whispy Woods causes him to drop strawberries from his canopy, and Whispy will periodically jump to a different location.
3 Available at start A battle arena consisting of three tall circular cakes connected closely to each-other in a line. Tall icing along the rims of the cakes acts as a fence.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese バトロワ
Battle Royale
Traditional Chinese 生存戰
shēng cún zhàn
Survival Battle
Simplified Chinese 生存战
shēng cún zhàn
French Chacun pour soi Free for all
German Battle Royale -
Italian Battle Royale -
Korean 배틀로열
Battle Royale
Portuguese Cada um por si Free for all
European Spanish Contienda Contest