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Sand Canyon - Stage 3

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Sand Canyon - Stage 3
KDL3 Sand Canyon Stage 3 Heart Star.png
Obtaining the Heart Star at the end of Sand Canyon - Stage 3.
Host level Sand Canyon
Stage number 3
Animal Friend(s) ChuChu
Mid-Boss(es) No
Heart Star character(s) KDL3 Heart Star Character 13 Sprite.png
Theme music

Clip of the music that plays in Sand Canyon - Stage 3

Stage progression
Stage 2 Stage 4
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Sand Canyon - Stage 3 is the third stage of Sand Canyon in Kirby's Dream Land 3. The mini-game How many of the same face are there? is played here.


This stage begins at the head of a rocky cliff, with the path continuing downward. Along the way, three doorways can be found in a small room - each one holding a different Animal Friend.

The door leads to a deeper section of cave, where spiked blocks move in and out of the tunnel from holes in the walls. Further in, more blocks will be pounding the floor.

The door leads to a deeper-still tunnel, filled with magma. A bunch of Galbo live here, which will make traversing this tunnel tricky.

This door leads to a Sub-Game with a local egg creature. Kirby has to guess how many Gordos had a certain face out of a bunch in the air. This goes on for up to three rounds, though Kirby does not need to guess correctly in order to move forward.

This tunnel is also full of magma, and fire-based creatures. Strangely though, the Bobos don't seem to be able to take the heat.

This area is a suspended sandy tunnel. Here, Kirby can spot Batamon walking around on the outside. The stage exit can be found past a number of enemies and sandfalls.

Kirby can pick up a Heart Star from the egg creature from earlier if he got all his guesses right.

Heart Star guide[edit]

Kirby and ChuChu taking a guess in the Gordo face game.
Main article: How many of the same face are there?

Kirby will bump into an egg-shaped creature in a separate chamber in this stage. It presents a game, where it blows a bubble, causing a horde of Gordos in the air to briefly show faces. Kirby has to then guess how many Gordos of a specified sort there were. This goes on for three rounds. If Kirby gets all three guesses right, he will be given a Heart Star by the egg creature at the end of the stage.

Enemies and animal friends[edit]

Sprite Name Copy Ability Sprite Name Copy Ability
KDL3 Babut sprite.png Babut None KDL3 Magoo Sprite.png Magoo Burn
KDL3 Batamon Sprite.png Batamon None KDL3 Propeller sprite.png Propeller None
KDL3 Bobo sprite.png Bobo Burn KDL3 Rocky Sprite.png Rocky Stone
KDL3 Broom Hatter Sprite.png Broom Hatter Clean KDL3 Sasuke Sprite.png Sasuke Parasol
KDL3 Gabon sprite.png Gabon None KDL3 Sir Kibble Sprite.png Sirkibble Cutter
KDL3 Galbo Sprite.png Galbo Burn KDL3 Wapod Sprite.png Wapod None
KDL3 Kany Sprite.png Kany None
Sprite Name
KDL3 ChuChu Sprite.png ChuChu
KDL3 Coo Sprite.png Coo
KDL3 Pitch Sprite.png Pitch