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Ripple Field - Stage 7

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Ripple Field - Stage 7
KDL3 Ripple Field Stage 7 screenshot 01.png
Kirby confronts the angry orca in its home turf.
Host level Ripple Field
Stage number 7
Theme music

Clip of the music that plays in Ripple Field - Stage 7

Stage progression
Stage 6 Sand Canyon - Stage 1
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Ripple Field - Stage 7 is the final stage of Ripple Field in Kirby's Dream Land 3. This stage consists solely of the fight with Acro. Once this stage is cleared, Kirby may access Sand Canyon, and if all the Ripple Field Heart Stars were collected, Acro will be pacified.


Main article: Acro

Kirby faces off against Acro in a cave with a lake beneath. The first part of the fight involves the killer whale charging at Kirby. When it hits the wall, a rock will fall down, which Kirby can use to hit back.

Once Acro is down to half health, the bridge they are fighting on breaks, sending them both to the water. Here, Acro swims around, and attacks by spitting Co-Acros, skulls and anchors at Kirby. Kirby can deflect these using his Water Gun. Acro may also again hit the wall, causing a rain of boulders which can also be deflected.

Once Acro is beaten, it explodes, leaving Kirby to do his dance. If all the Heart Stars in the level were collected, they will emerge and purge the Dark Matter from the area. From there, Kirby hops on his Warp Star and heads to the third level, Sand Canyon.