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Artwork from Kirby's Dream Land 3
Debut Game Kirby's Dream Land 3
Latest Game
Copy Ability Ice
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In-game sprite.

Wappa is a yeti-like enemy in Kirby's Dream Land 3. It is an oval creature with long, white, shaggy fur that covers most of its body, leaving only a pair of round, black eyes and two flat, brown feet visible.

Found in various stages of Cloudy Park and Iceberg, Wappas slowly trot in a straight line. When Kirby gets close to them, however, they curl up into a white ball and begin roll towards him, allowing them to move faster than their walking pace. Like most enemies in the game, Wappas harm Kirby on contact. They can be defeated using any attack, or inhaled and swallowed for the Ice ability.

Names in Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ワンパ
Wampa, from the Star Wars species of the same name.