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Grass Land - Stage 7

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Grass Land - Stage 7
KDL3 Grass Land Stage 7 screenshot 01.png
Kirby fights his familiar foe...though something is off this time.
Host level Grass Land
Stage number 7
Theme music

Clip of the music that plays in Grass Land - Stage 7

Stage progression
Stage 6 Ripple Field - Stage 1
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Grass Land - Stage 7 is the final stage of Grass Land in Kirby's Dream Land 3. This stage consists solely of the fight with Whispy Woods. Once this stage is cleared, Kirby may access Ripple Field, and if all the Grass Land Heart Stars were collected, Whispy will be pacified.


Main article: Whispy Woods

The fight begins as usual for this stubborn tree. He attacks by shooting out Air Bullets at Kirby. He will also spit out various vegetables at him, which can be inhaled and spat back.

Once Whispy is down to half-health, he gets angry, and actually begins to chase Kirby down using his roots as legs. He will continue to spit vegetables at Kirby while this happens. During this phase, Whispy can only be hurt if he is hit in the face. If Kirby is near him, Whispy will kick Kirby away.

Once Whispy is defeated, he stops moving, and loses his face. If Kirby collected all the Heart Stars in the level, they will appear and drive out the remnants of Dark Matter from the area. From there, Kirby does his victory dance, hops on the Warp Star, and moves on to the next level - Ripple Field.