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Iceberg - Stage 7

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Iceberg - Stage 7
KDL3 Iceberg Stage 7 screenshot 01.png
A familiar fight, and a familiar situation.
Host level Iceberg
Stage number 7
Theme music

A clip of the great king's theme in Iceberg - Stage 7

Stage progression
Stage 6 Hyper Zone (if all Heart Stars are obtained) →
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Iceberg - Stage 7 is the final stage of Iceberg in Kirby's Dream Land 3. This stage consists solely of the fight with King Dedede, who has been possessed by Dark Matter. Once this stage is cleared, Kirby may access Hyper Zone, but only if all of the Heart Stars were collected beforehand. If not, the player will be shown a bad ending instead.


Main article: King Dedede

At the top of his castle, Kirby faces off against King Dedede, who once again has been possessed by Dark Matter. He attacks in two phases.

In the first phase, King Dedede is on the ground, and attacks in his usual manner, by swinging his hammer, jumping about, and trying to inhale Kirby. All but the last of these moves leave Dropped Stars on impact.

In the second phase, King Dedede starts to float about in the air, as Dark Matter gains full control. He attacks in two ways, either by having his belly open up to try and munch Kirby, or by having his belly turn into an eye that shoots dark orbs. These orbs home in on Kirby, but they can be inhaled and spat back.

Once King Dedede is down, he will lay there, motionless. If Kirby did not collect all the Heart Stars prior to this encounter, this is where the game ends. Otherwise, he can progress to the last level in the game, Hyper Zone.