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Grass Land - Stage 2 (Kirby's Dream Land 3)

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Grass Land - Stage 2
KDL3 Grass Land Stage 2 Heart Star.png
Obtaining the Heart Star at the end of Grass Land - Stage 2.
Host level Grass Land
Stage number 2
Animal Friend(s) ChuChu
Mid-Boss(es) No
Heart Star character(s) KDL3 Heart Star Character 2 Sprite.png
Theme music

Clip of the music that plays in Grass Land - Stage 2

Stage progression
Stage 1 Stage 3
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This article is about the stage in Kirby's Dream Land 3. For the stage in Kirby's Dream Land 2, see Grass Land - Stage 2 (Kirby's Dream Land 2).

Grass Land - Stage 2 is the second stage of Grass Land in Kirby's Dream Land 3. This stage introduces ChuChu and Pitch.


The stage begins out in the fields. Here, Kirby can get a first taste of the Clean ability from a local Keke. Further down, a Rocky appears if Kirby wants to sample the Stone ability as well. Finally, just before the door to the next area, Kirby can try on the Burning ability from a local Bobo.

The door leads to a small area where Pitch and ChuChu are waiting. Kirby can pick one of these friends to accompany him, or just move on. From there, another door leads to a double-decked walkway patrolled by Bouncys and Waddle Dees. In the middle of the path, a side-passage can be found underneath a barricade of Star Blocks. This leads to a small room with a strange-looking green creature inside, but what does it want? Perhaps ChuChu can help...

On this trail, a Nruff can be encountered, for the first time as a standard enemy. Tick also appears to provide the Needle ability. This can later be used to gain a 1-Up from a cache. The stage exit can be found at the end of this path.

If the green creature from earlier was properly satisfied, it will grant Kirby a Heart Star in the final room.

Heart Star guide[edit]

This creature is pleased when ChuChu touches it with her tentacle.

A green creature called Muchimuchi can be found in a side-chamber in the second room of this stage. To make it happy, ChuChu needs to extend her tentacle at it, by using her default 'inhale' move. This done correctly, the springy creature will give out a Heart Star at the end of the stage.

Enemies and Animal Friends[edit]

Sprite Name Copy Ability Sprite Name Copy Ability
KDL3 Bobo sprite.png Bobo Burn KDL3 Poppy Bros Jr Sprite.png Poppy Bros. Jr. None
KDL3 Bouncy Sprite.png Bouncy None KDL3 Rocky Sprite.png Rocky Stone
KDL3 Keke sprite.png Keke Clean KDL3 Tick Sprite.png Tick Needle
KDL3 Nruff Sprite.png Nruff None KDL3 Waddle Dee Sprite.png Waddle Dee None
KDL3 Popon Sprite.png Popon None
Sprite Name
KDL3 ChuChu Sprite.png ChuChu
KDL3 Pitch Sprite.png Pitch