Raft Waddle Dee

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This article or section is about Waddle Dees who ride rafts. For information about Waddle Dees in a general context, see Waddle Dee.

Raft Waddle Dee
Raft Waddle Dee.png
Screencap from Kirby's Dream Land 3
Debut Game Kirby's Dream Land 3
Copy Ability None.
Similar Entities Waddle Dee, Walf
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Raft Waddle Dee is an enemy found exclusively in Kirby's Dream Land 3. Raft Waddle Dee is a Waddle Dee who rides a small yellow inflatable raft over bodies of water, rowing in order to move along the top of the pools.

When Kirby first sees Raft Waddle Dee, the enemy will be seen in the air above the water, and drop into the pond as soon as is visible. Raft Waddle Dee remains on the water's surface until interfered with, in which case the raft will be destroyed, and the Waddle Dee inside flung out. While in the raft, Raft Waddle Dee cannot drown, even if temporarily submerged beneath the water, but will lose this immunity as soon as the raft is destroyed.