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Hyper Zone

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Hyper Zone
KDL3 Hyper Zone intro.png
The intro cutscene for Hyper Zone.
Level Nr. 6
Boss Dark Matter & Zero
Level Progression
Iceberg Last Level
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Hyper Zone is the final level in Kirby's Dream Land 3. It is accessed directly after defeating King Dedede in the Iceberg level, and consists solely of the fight with Dark Matter, then Zero in a strange spacey area. It cannot be accessed unless all of the Heart Stars have been collected.


Atop the tower where King Dedede was fought, Kirby assembles all of the Heart Stars while his Animal Friends watch on. Once all of them are together, they form the Love-Love Stick. Kirby grabs onto this newly forged weapon, and it carries him into the sky.

Boss: Dark Matter & Zero[edit]

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Kirby arrives immediately in the final spacey area, as Dark Matter congeals itself. It attacks Kirby with two methods. The first is a series of lightning bolts, which it will shoot in one of four general directions, each time shooting four bolts at slightly different angles. The second attack has it splitting off the orange orbs surrounding it and lobbing them at Kirby. As these attacks are being done, Kirby has to weave and bob while he shoots his heart projectiles at Dark Matter.

Once Dark Matter is defeated, it dissipates and explodes. This is immediately followed by Zero taking the scene. Zero attacks in a number of different ways. He can shoot out tiny copies of Dark Matter at Kirby, he can ram Kirby, and he can fire blood projectiles at Kirby from either his standard position, or from the background.

When Zero loses his main bar of health, the eye separates from the main body in a rather gory display, and pursues Kirby in a last-ditch effort to defeat him. Kirby has to whack it a few more times to finally destroy Zero and eliminate the Dark Matter threat.

This done, the Love-Love Stick dispels the black orb from the sky, and Pop Star's rings are restored. The credits roll, and the game is complete.


  • In Story Mode of Kirby's Dream Land 3, Hyper Zone has a blue background with black moving clouds. In Boss Butch, Hyper Zone has a yellow background with red and blue moving clouds.
    • In Virtual Console releases of Kirby's Dream Land 3, the Boss Butch version of Hyper Zone instead features orange and green clouds, possibly to either make Zero's red projectiles easier to see or to reduce the potential risk of seizures.
    • The Boss Butch version of Hyper Zone as it appears in the SNES release of Kirby's Dream Land 3 is used as the background of Void's splash screen in Kirby Star Allies.
  • HAL Laboratory also made a game called HyperZone.



Ending scene[edit]

Pop Star in Kirby's Dream Land 3
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