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Ripple Field - Stage 3 (Kirby's Dream Land 3)

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Ripple Field - Stage 3
KDL3 Ripple Field Stage 3 Heart Star.png
Obtaining the Heart Star at the end of Ripple Field - Stage 3.
Host level Ripple Field
Stage number 3
Animal Friend(s) Kine
Mid-Boss(es) No
Heart Star character(s) KDL3 Heart Star Character 8 Sprite.png
Theme music

Clip of the theme that plays in Ripple Field - Stage 3

Stage progression
Stage 2 Stage 4
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This article is about the stage in Kirby's Dream Land 3. For the stage in Kirby's Dream Land 2, see Ripple Field - Stage 3 (Kirby's Dream Land 2).

Ripple Field - Stage 3 is the third stage of Ripple Field in Kirby's Dream Land 3. This stage features the mini-game Where's the eel?.


The stage begins on a coral walkway. From there, it dives into a rather large pool with Raft Waddle Dees about. Back on land, Kirby will need to sneak past a Pacto to reach the door to the next area.

Kirby can choose between Rick and Kine before moving on. From there, the path gets decidedly steeper as it leads across walkways and suspended platforms, then back into the water. Just before the door, a 1-Up can be recovered in the middle of a raging rotary current if the Cutter or Spark ability is used to get it.

The next area is a segmented cave area. In the middle is an open place where a Sub-Game can be played with a local Elieel. Kirby has to guess which pot the eel is in after it and the Gordos stop shuffling. Three correct guesses in a row are needed to win the game, but Kirby can progress regardless of his result.

The path continues through a submerged cave, then returns to dry land. Once this happens, the area starts to auto-scroll to the right. From there, it leads back into the water, through some forked paths, then stops at the end, where the stage exit can be reached back out of the water.

In the last room, if Kirby won the minigame earlier, he will get a Heart Star from the Elieel.

Heart Star guide[edit]

Kirby and Kine have to correctly guess which pot Elieel last popped out of.
Main article: Where's the eel?

Along the path of this stage, Kirby will run into an open field with five large pots. An Elieel will emerge from one of them, and then begin a game with Kirby. Elieel will then start shuffling around between the pots, with Gordos occupying the other four. They'll pop up and back down repeatedly, getting faster each time. After the last pop-up, Kirby then has to guess which pot the Elieel is in. This game plays three times, and if Kirby gets all three guesses right, he will win, and be able to collect the Heart Star at the end of the stage.

Enemies and Animal Friends[edit]

Sprite Name Copy Ability Sprite Name Copy Ability
KDL3 Blipper Sprite.png Blipper None KDL3 Kapar sprite.png Kapar Cutter
KDL3 Bobo sprite.png Bobo Burn KDL3 Pacto Sprite.png Pacto N/A
KDL3 Glunk Sprite.png Glunk None KDL3 Raft Waddle Dee Sprite.png Raft Waddle Dee None
KDL3 Joe Sprite.png Joe None KDL3 Sparky Sprite.png Sparky Spark
Sprite Name
KDL3 Kine Sprite.png Kine
KDL3 Rick Sprite.png Rick