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Sand Canyon - Stage 4

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Sand Canyon - Stage 4
KDL3 Sand Canyon Stage 4 Heart Star.png
Obtaining the Heart Star at the end of Sand Canyon - Stage 4.
Host level Sand Canyon
Stage number 4
Animal Friend(s) Nago
Mid-Boss(es) Haboki
Heart Star character(s) KDL3 Donbe Sprite.png KDL3 Hikari Sprite.png
Theme music

Clip of the music that plays in Sand Canyon - Stage 4

Stage progression
Stage 3 Stage 5
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Sand Canyon - Stage 4 is the fourth stage of Sand Canyon in Kirby's Dream Land 3.


The stage begins on a dune, where Chilly makes its first appearance in the game. The path continues down shifting sand slopes. Along the way, Rick, Pitch or Nago can be collected to accompany Kirby.

The next area is a sandy cave with lots of spike pits and Ticks. A Pacto trap awaits Kirby near the end of this path.

The door leads to an underwater sand tunnel that auto-scrolls to the right. It forks off in several places, with most paths leading to early doorways. If Kirby takes the right route, he will reach the furthest door.

If Kirby took the correct path, he will engage in a fight with Haboki. From there, all paths lead to a room consisting of three separate tunnels. The middle one (and the one Kirby will end up on if he fought Haboki) has a small child with blue hair named Donbe in it. Kirby can pick up Donbe before moving on to the next area.

The following room is a long haul through the dunes at night. Various goodies can be collected from caches if Kirby uses the right ability to open them up. The stage exit can be found at the end of this long path.

In the last room, Kirby meets up with Hikari. If he saved Donbe, she will give him a Heart Star.

Heart Star guide[edit]

Donbe can be collected in the winding tunnels after dealing with the Mid-Boss Haboki.

In the underwater auto-scrolling area, Kirby has to follow a specific set of tunnels - first down, then up, then through the middle. From there, he will fight the Mid-Boss Haboki, then be able to pick up Donbe in the next area. Finally, he just needs to reach the end of the stage to get a Heart Star from Hikari.

Enemies, mid-boss, and animal friends[edit]

Sprite Name Copy Ability Sprite Name Copy Ability
KDL3 Babut sprite.png Babut None KDL3 Mariel sprite.png Mariel None (poisonous)
KDL3 Blipper Sprite.png Blipper None KDL3 Mony Sprite.png Mony None
KDL3 Bobin sprite.png Bobin Spark KDL3 Pacto Sprite.png Pacto N/A
KDL3 Bobo sprite.png Bobo Burn KDL3 Popon Sprite.png Popon None
BrontoBurt KDL3.png Bronto Burt None KDL3 Rocky Sprite.png Rocky Stone
KDL3 Chilly Sprite.png Chilly Ice KDL3 Tick Sprite.png Tick Needle
KDL3 Joe Sprite.png Joe None KDL3 Togezo sprite.png Togezo Needle
Sprite Name Copy Ability
KDL3 MB Haboki.png Haboki Clean
Sprite Name
KDL3 Nago Sprite.png Nago
KDL3 Pitch Sprite.png Pitch
KDL3 Rick Sprite.png Rick


  • The background of this stage features a series of standing stone pillars similar to those at Stonehenge.