Kid Kirby

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Kid Kirby
Kid Kirby promotional art.png
Developer(s) DMA Design
Platform(s) Super Nintendo Entertainment System
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Kid Kirby (internally referred to as Jelly) refers to a Kirby series game that was once planned for release on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The game would have supported the SNES Mouse, and it featured its own colorful unique 3D art style in addition to 2D graphics.

It is not known why the game was cancelled, and it was in development by DMA Design (a third party developer known for some of the first Grand Theft Auto games, although Nintendo would publish their SNES game Uniracers).

Prior to an assets reveal by DMA Design developer "Mike Dailly", the game was covered in an unidentified Spanish video game related magazine including promotional artwork for the game.[1] Additionally, one of the apparent enemies of the game is an unknown octopus inspired creature. There were various themes for stages, such as forest, ice, cave, metal building themed levels.


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