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Virtual Console is a feature present on all Nintendo consoles and handhelds from the Wii onwards. It allows the console user to purchase, download, and play games from older systems on the console in question, which includes titles from the Nintendo Entertainment System up to the Wii, and even includes titles from non-Nintendo systems, such as the Sega Genesis, and the NEO GEO.

An Internet connection is required to download titles from the Nintendo eShop, but is not required to play the game afterwards (barring verification for Nintendo Switch Online games). Virtual Console games have a save state function known as Restore Points. There are special commands that can open the game in the original resolution (and skins to emulate the original console's appearance if any). On the Nintendo 3DS system, SNES games are only available on the New Nintendo 3DS series models.

List of Virtual Console Kirby titles by system[edit]


Nintendo 3DS[edit]

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NES Classic Edition[edit]

SNES Classic Edition[edit]

Nintendo Switch Online[edit]