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Megumi Ohara

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Megumi Ohara
Megumi Ohara.jpg
Megumi Ohara in 2022
Born 1991
Role(s) Composer
Employer(s) HAL Laboratory
Notable works Soundtracks for Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, Kirby Battle Royale, and Kirby's Dream Buffet
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Megumi Ohara (大原 萌 Ōhara Megumi, born 1991) is a video game composer at HAL Laboratory. Her first project with the company was 2015's Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, and since then, she has composed for several other games, typically in collaboration with Shogo Sakai. She has also worked on several supplementary albums for the series, such as The Sound of Kirby Café and The Sound of Kirby Café 2. Ohara is a skilled flutist and has played live flute on many of her songs.

List of works[edit]

Kirby series[edit]

Kirby albums[edit]

Other games[edit]

Song credits[edit]

The following are all Kirby songs Megumi Ohara has been credited for being in charge of:

Kirby and the Rainbow Curse[edit]

The Sound of Kirby Café[edit]

  • In a Fluffy Paradise / Cloudy Park ~ Ripple Field
  • Rendezvous of the King and the Witches / ​Kirby Series Extra Game Medley

Kirby Memorial Arrangements[edit]

The Sound of Kirby Café 2[edit]

  • Marionette Kitchen
  • Coffee Shop of Twilight and Starry Skies
  • Brilliant Blue
  • Smile-Sisters & Gentleman

Kirby 30th Anniversary Music Festival[edit]

Kirby's Dream Buffet[edit]


  • In Kirby's Dream Buffet, Megumi Ohara is represented with orange notes when music is playing.

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